Need help from Canada from someone on naproxen anti inflamitories

I am travelling in Canada and have not packed enough of my diclofenac tablets. Local pharmacy has said as mine are prescription only that naproxen will be ok. I have had this before so ok with this. Just worried about the dose as pharmacist just said "2 should be ok" but would not comment about wether this was equivalent to my tabs.

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  • Don't want medical advice just need to know if I should contact a dr to get a prescription if over the counter is a lot lover than prescription tablets

  • There are a whole load of different strengths of both diclofenac and naproxen. So suggest you look at a website like to check what you normally take of diclofenac and then see what strength naproxen you have so you can work out an equivalent for that.

    (For example, if you take what is max daily dose of diclofenac then take max daily dose of naproxen)

  • Thanks for the link. It is a low dose. Will see how I go over a couple of days and find a dr if in pain. Am on lots of other drugs and generally in remission so should be ok

  • You can buy naproxen/ aleve over the counter in Canada. Please be aware that naproxen comes in many different strengths. 125mg /250 mg /375 mg per pill. So be aware what strength you are taking.

    Prescription strength starts at 500mg a pill. I was not allowed more than 1000mg per day when I was in severe pain. I now take the 125mg pill of naproxen some days when I feel pain.

    Please ask your doctor what strength is best for you. But do not take over 600mg without your doctors permission.

    What city will you be visiting? It's nice and warm in Vancouver now. Summer has arrived!!

  • Just arrived in lake louise . Weather is sunny and warm. Boarding the train day after tomorrow for Vancouver and a few days later to a resort on Sonora island. Thanks for your info. I am a lot happier knowing I can take more than 450 mg if in pain. Will stick to packet recommendations as long as I am ok. I have been prescribed naproxen at home but don't know the dosage. I will ask my friend to look through my meds at home and check what I used to take. I am sure there is an old packet there!

  • Wow you sure are going on a relaxing back to nature holiday. Enjoy yourself!! Lake Louise is so beautiful, a piece of heaven amongst the mountains. Then a breath taking train trip through the Rocky Mountains to Vancouver.

    I've never been to Sonora Island, but the Discovery Islands are beautiful. Enjoy BC, you may just end up immigrating here :)

  • I take Naproxen, 2 times 500 mg per day, one in the morning with breakfast and one with my evening meal. Don't go over this strength. All the best and enjoy your travels. X

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