Left shoulder pain

Morning everyone ...has anyone else getting pain in there shoulders down to elbow. ..rhumatolgy sent me for an x ray but didn't show up anything exactly significant. ..whatever that means ...but my gp has called me in regarding x ray tests very confusing ...my new rhumy registra gave me two steroid injections an said see you in October we'll see what we can do then ...that feels like forever away ...went to see gp but all our systems are down due to attacks if I could get my hands on these ppl ...just wanted to know what it could be ...but gp is sending me for a scan till other tests come to light once he looked at my shoulder at pressed it I hit the ceiling. ..he wasn't happy with the rhumatolgy ...here's to some pain free times one day tc ppl xx

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  • I have some pain in my shoulder blade but mine i am sure is fibro.xxxx

  • Hopefully I'll have some results soon ...it's worse when I ret it or at night ...something else added to our list of pains sylvie. ..no good getting older huni xxx

  • Hi I have had severe pain in left shoulder going all the way down to elbow so severe have thought of chopping arm off seen gp t

  • What has your gp said it is

  • Just to double.up.on pain killers but still mot touching then so take.75mg morning and night of mst and 20mg of morphine every few hours and still not touching it

  • I'm on tramadol capsules 2x 50mg six times a day ...had two steroid injections abouta week or so ago ...still waiting for it to work

  • I just started terrible left shoulder pain this morning.....following

  • Hi All, I'm from the US and feel blessed to have found this forum. I too have RA and am presently on Acterma, Methrotrexate, Diclifonac, Folic Acid daily and Tramadol for pain. I've had my left knee and hip replaced. I too get that pain in my arm from my shoulder to my elbow and can barely lift my arm. I was told it can be from one or two things, first my rotator cup(?) is gone and what's left is bone on bone or arthritis between c2 & c3 in my spine. Drs want to replace Shoulder but for now I just get cortisone shots. Thanks for letting me ramble. Wishing all of you pain free days and gentle hugs!

  • It's great to rant an let it out ...only us lot understand your pain. ..I have family an friends that understand. ..but not the whole jist of our pains swelling joints and muscles

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