"B....." Hell !!!!

Wrist surgery done a week ago and even though the consultant told me I would be in a lot of pain, I am in agony. I do struggle with painkillers so trying to cope with paracetamol taken regularly. How difficult this is trying to wash and dress, my daughter who is a great help but a very busy lady, working full time and with a 3 girls to look after says "why are you worrying, just stay in your pj's". She is right of course because I can't go anywhere. Absolutely everything is difficult.

Well that's my little moan over for today. I hope everyone is well and you all have a good week xx

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  • When I've had hand surgery, even though I have family close by, I had care nurses for a short period, I only had them in the morning to help me wash and dress, just made me feel better to have that help. I managed to undress and make light meals and a drink. My family did shopping and other tasks when they could to help out. I have sons but wasn't keen on daughter in laws helping with personal hygiene. My GP arranged this for me, it was a nhs service. Made a real difference to my recovery. All the best. X

  • Thank you for your reply. I had great NHS help 5 yrs ago when I had a big op on my shoulder but I wasn't offered any help this time. Probably due to funding. I am just finding everything frustrating but it will pass xx

  • I did have to ask the last two occasions I needed help..a foot op and a dislocated shoulder, when I tripped out of the back door, was a nightmare. Wishing you a speedy recovery. X

  • you seem like you have a great attitude and that, I find, does help . Wishing you the speediest of recoveries.Marie

  • Give it time Mary! If you overdo it now it will hurt for longer! You obviously needed surgery in order to make things better...so give it a chance.....or you will just take longer to heal!

    Your daughter is right, JimJams, box of chocolates ,latest DVD,chat on the phone.....lots to do that doesn't need two hands!

    Everything you think you are missing will still be there when you are feeling better!

    Hope your pain eases soon!

  • Hi Maryth I have had quite a lot of surgery hips spine shoulder 3 on my hands plaster caste on my hands could do nothing.Went in to get it off and they put another one on i was nearly in tears when i said i had bigger operations with less pain doctor said that is a big operations considering the size of the hand but they were agony hope the pain eases soon x

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