Hurt like hell

Just been to the drs. this morning as i was in so much pain. My hands hurt to touch my neck and shoulders as well as my ankles. I don't know how to put one foot in front of the other. Also i am wheezing which isn't helping my breathing. I don't know how to carry on. I am not suicidel,but i said the other day i would be better of dead. This i told to the dr. this morning. So he upped my steroids to 30mgs a day in the hope that this will help. He can't give me anything else as i am on most of the drugs need to help me.

I came out of there and cried on my hubbys shoulder thats how bad i feel. Anyway the steroids are in my system and i am to take them for five days then back to my normal 5mgs.

It is a lovely day outside here today and i am sitting out there in the hope that the sun will help

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  • Hope the extra steroids help and you feel better - no better is the wrong word - things get easier soon. Farm

  • Oh I hope it's enough to get you over this rocky time Sylvi. I have an idea how it is but fortunately my pain has now been controlled though some days it reminds me how it was, a sort of short-lived flare is the only way I can describe it but it must be so wearing having constant troubles & being told everything that you're taking should be helping you. Thank goodness for steroids, though we know it's not the long-term answer.

    Has a full review been done recently? x

  • I know it's hard, sometimes the pain gets so loud it's like the only sound in the world. Hold on to hope as much as you can. Sometimes I find that if I can focus on just breathing, and take the whole thing a breath at a time, that I make it through the impossible. It's good to cry, truly. Sometimes that's the kindest thing you can do for yourself. Soak up the sun, and be as kind to yourself as you possibly can. I'm hoping you get some respite soon, and sending you warm Canadian hugs (it gets so cold that we have to become extra warm to compensate). xxx Bat

  • It is 6pm and I have come to bed. Thank you for the

  • Then you made it! another impossible day done, you marvel of the human spirit. Well done!

  • Big hug to you. So hope the steroids help you. Xxxxx

  • Big hugs to you. Don't give up ,when you are full of despair know there are others that care.

    Keep going. Tomorrow is another day xx

  • Poor you. I hope it's a flare and will pass quickly. When we are in the thick of them, we tend to think that they will last forever, or at least I do, only to discover that they don;t. I'm also on the full arsenal as well, plus 6 mg Prednisilone.

    I do hope the sun helped.



  • Jora you would think all the poison we put in our bodies it would stop all these flares at the start.thanks everyone for your kind words. Xxx

  • You would, indeed. It seems to be an accepted part of RA , at least the aggressive variety, that one has flares. But perhaps we shouldn't take that lying down … Oops, you know what I mean. I've just crawled into bed too. It still hurts, but it's a relief not to have to struggle any more today. I am about to listen to the Dalai Lama's healing chant, which I find incredibly soothing.

    At his request, I must include the following:

    "The recording of the Dalai Lama singing this ancient mantra "Maha Mrityunjaya" of the Rig Veda was taken with the permission of the Dalai Lama , He says that the mantra should never be sold, but may be passed on to those who would benefit. If you would like to share this with others, please continue to include this note".

    I hope it brings you some comfort., but I suppose it's not for everyone, so no offence if you don't listen.

    Night night, Silvi



  • Sleep well. Hope tomorrow is more bearable. M xx

  • Thank you. Xxx

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