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Is this is what you call a 'flare'?

diagnosed in jan this year,after few months of side effects etc, seemed to settle down on Mtx, Hydroxy, sulpha; but Am in soooo much pain all night, & today! nearly every joint ,tendon is hurting, Ive taken my meds my painkillers nothing touching it at all! I cant hold a cup of tea, I can hardly walk, more like shuffling, lol. Ive had to take all my rings off, my fingers sore & swollen.

Ive just worked the last 3 days ( so busy due to sales started), I noticed on Friday I was becoming more & more tired, more than tired! Even wearing my hand splints during the night, last night I kept waking up with pins & needles, numbness in both hands.

Im off these next 3 days, thank god! so today is a Pj day, not even getting out of bed much either, its too painful to 'shuffle'

Not sure, being relatively new to RA, is this what is called a flare? Have tried ringing Rheumy helpline but either busy or no one there. Ive had my next Rheumy apt changed 3 times ( not sure if its because everything was seeming to go well), I last saw them in july, so next apt was in Jan 2014, then that changed to Feb, then now its May! Its seems to be a long time between not being seen by someone, what do You think? Rie x

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Hi, I would definitely leave them a message and keep trying to contact them. It could well be a flare and they would want to see you I think. Keep up with the painkillers and hope you feel better very soon xx


Thank You Allanah, I shall keep ringing x


Will do Debbie ,feeling really rough, ontop got this terrible dizziness now!


Hi Rie, Contact your own GP as well and let him know everything that's been happening and get him to refer you for a emergency appointment,keep trying the Rheumy Nurse or Consultant. Good Luck


Hi Rie, yes lets hope you get an appointment real soon as this does sound like a flare to me....I get very similar to what you are suffering when I flare up so you need to get your rheumy/GP to see you whilst it is happening.

I've gotta say though that nothing beats a "PJ" day! Every so often I treat myself to one of those and curl up in bed with loads of tasty nibbles and my favourite books....always makes me feel a little better!

Hope you manage get a little bit of relief very soon. Big hugs xxx


Fingers crossed you get through xxx


That sounds like a flare to me! Up your pain killers, rest and get hold of your gp or rheumy team - it sounds like you would benefit from a steroid injection.

Cece x


Hi, are you having regular blood tests? What are your inflammation markers like? This would indicate a flare. Like you I am in pain at the moment and am shuffling about. I spoke to my gp as my bloods were up. He has written to the rheumy. Where I live it is your gp who contacts the rheumy dept to get an earlier app. Please do see your gp. Good luck. Anne


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