Two full days and then D-Day

Two full days and then D-Day

Well here i am waiting for thursday to get here. Today i ache in my hands,knees and shoulders. Never know whether it's ra/fibro. I think i am going to stay indoors until thursday just in case i have a accident, i am a danger to myself..... I think i need padding when i go out in case anything happens. LOL

My bag is almost packed, Dressing gowns on the line so that they will smell nice for thursday. I'm going to get grace to give my hair a bit of a trim so it will be easier to look after.

I have done some more work in my garden,i have all the plants that were in the conservatory outside now. I have potted on dahlias and sweetcorn for the allotment. My daughter has been keeping an eye on me like a rottweiler,bles her. If she thinks i've done too much,she just goes outside and sweeps up and clears up and said thats it for you today.

Hope that you are all keeping reasonable well and the dreaded ra isn't giving you any trouble.


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  • Hey Sylvi, you are quite right to stay indoors and take it easy. How long do you think you will be in hosptial for?

    Your daughter is good, sometimes you need someone else to tell you to behave and rest.

    Good luck on Thursday if i don't get a chance to log in again before then.

  • Mads, it all depends what he finds when he opens me up. Most probaly 5days. Grace is brilliant even if she is bossy,don't know where she gets it from!!!!!!!! I have to say i feel quite ropey today ache tired as well.

    Thanks for your good wishes Mads, i hope your keeping well.

    love sylvi.xx

  • Just want to say hope all goes well for you & when you are home you feel more comfortable. I have been reading your blogs, thank you for your support & love. I have learnt much about RA & understand more how I deal with it.

    Look forward to reading your blogs after D day!

    Take care of your self.

    love Aligator

  • thank you.xx

  • These last few days must be really frustrating - so near but yet so far. I think it's a good idea to stay at home as much as you can for next couple of days as it would be dreadful to come down with a cold. Hope it goes swimmingly, and pain free. Pollyx

  • Thanks polly,xxx

  • All thebest for Thursday Sylvie. Be thinking of you.

    Carolyn x

  • Thanks Carolyn.xx

  • I hope all goes well. Hurry up and get better, what will we do without you! Hope the op transforms thing in a good way for you.

    Xx cathie

  • thank you cathie, it won't be long before i will be able to blog. My daughter grace will put up a blog to let you know how the op went.


  • Hi Sylvi, good luck for Thursday. Not too long now to wait. Hope all goes well and you will be heaps better after. Love LavendarLady x

  • Thabk you LL,i can't wait now to just get it done and then i can start to recover and hopefully walk,by walking i am hoping to lose much needed weight.

    love sylvi.xx

  • So about 48 hours to go ? I reckon now you are now allowed to count down in hours not days!

    I think daughters getting bossy is them getting their own back on us. (Plus practicing for the time when they may have children of their own).

    I've gotten used to being told "go sit down Mum and what do you want" when we have lunch out. I do wonder if I was RA-less would they have the same attitide?

    (I have 2 daughters). Mind you OH says the same type of thing so perhaps I'm just going senile !

    Also if I miss my mouth and get a splodge of whatever when I am eating out with the daughters, out comes the corner of a tissue, it's licked and then I get my face wiped (I wonder where they get this from?) whereas I'm only allowed to say that they have a 'splodge of chocolate etc. on their face'. Next time I will get out the tissue myself and de-splodge them like I used to'.

    I've always made a point of being an embarassing Mum (as they remind me) - when at their school concerts I used to stand up for a minute and rub my nose so that they knew where I was..

    I suppose now I'm getting my just desserts!


  • Judi,that made me laugh,daughters just care like that,we wouldn't be without them. I dread to think what my grace would be like if i was seriously ill,she would be sooo worried about and her dad. She has a habit of doing what you have said when out in a restaurant,so i kinow what you mean. I have now brought some very nice bibs for home and when we're out. They are wipe clean ones so are easy to look after.

    The girls don't realise that this disease is inherited do they. What goes around comes around as my mum used to say. I have no problem with being an embarrasing mum either,i think its fun to show them that we can still have a laugh despite ra.

    Love sylvi.xx

  • Hi Sylvi

    Not long now, good luck, hope it all goes well. Looking forward to reading all about it when you get home.

    Mary x

  • Thank you Mary.xx

  • Sylvi, by the time you read this, you will be well into your final pre-D Day. Go out to your garden and just sit and look around at all you have accomplished. By the time you get back home, everything will have grown unbelievabley.

    Stay up late if you want, what the heck, you will get plenty of sleep the following day :) You will be in my thoughts and prayers all day Thursday, know you will be in good hands.Hugs and well wishes from across the waves. Love, Loretta

  • Oh,Loretta thats so lovely.To be honest i don't think i will sleep much tonight as i will be afraid of missing the alarm clock.

    How is your recovery going my friend? i am sure it is going well. The heating has just come on,its strange to still need the heating on in the middle of may. This weather is so ridiculous this year.

    you take care my friend. love sylvi.xx

  • Sylvi, I hope that all goes well tomorrow. Please take it easy and rest up when you are in there so that you are fighting fit for your road to recovery. Take care of yourself , we will all be thinking of you. Love, Wendy xx

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