I have had RA for the past five years with various complications including leg ulcers. I have been on steroids for the past 4 years.

My mobility has not been great just lately I have developed hunch shoulders which I thought was just my posture. I have just come back from seeing my rheumatologist who now tells.me I have back fractures osteoporosis through being on steroids for so long has anyone else experienced this if so any tips

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  • hi outhwaite. I have partial crush fractures of the spine at lower thoracic/ upper lumbar region. I also have RA , not been on steroid tablets but had steroid joint injections and steroid infusions too. The fractures were picked up as I'd lost height. X rays followed by dexa scan confirmed osteoporosis. I've since been on Ibandronic acid and Calcium plus vitamin D. This had improved but not eradicated the osteoporosis thus far. I'm on Rituximab infusions which are always preceded by steroid infusions so it is still a wee bit of a worry. Speak to your Rheumatologist and get more advice from the Osteoporosis help line. They're fab. Hope you get on ok! Best wishes....x

  • Hi Darcas thanks for you reply I had a dexa scan last week so awaiting the outcome I will definitely look up the osteoporosis help line.i was suppose to be having rutuximab infusions but couldn't get funding from the nhs so they are now rethinking new treatment

  • Funding is such an issue in some parts of the country. Hope you get some answers soon.😊

  • The Bone Health forum on HU is associated with NOS - lots of people speak well of their free downloadable guides and their helpline. As Dorcas says, I'd think they'd be well-placed to be familiar with circumstances such as yours and have some useful recommendations.


    Helpline: 0808 800 0035

  • I am recovering from 4 spine fractures which caused so much pain, I couldn't walk for almost a year. Even now I'm on Morphine and can only walk with a wheeled walker. Try and exercise as much as you can.

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