Circulation-boosting machines - any thoughts?

Have been thinking about getting one of these to help (hopefully) my circulation, and my mix of osteo and RA in feet, and now knees. You'll prob have seen them advertised, the best known one is Revitive (other brands are available!!) and they do seem to help most people. But does anyone know if they're suitable for us Rheumies? I seem to remember asking my podiatrist about them years ago, when they first came out, and he said "wouldn't waste your money!" - but that was then, and a lot has happened since. And my circulation IS getting worse, looks like I have neuropathy as well. Anyone tried one? Thanks in advance.

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  • I think I agree with your podiatrist.

    Why don't you ask for a referral to both a physio &. Occupational therapist?

  • What makes you say that?! As for physio & OTs, do you REALLY think I've not had their input?!! Sounds like you think I'm lookin for an easy answer, to avoid exercises!! Nothing could be further from the truth.

  • No that isn't my what I was thinking at all,but if these expensive (?) machines are really beneficial I wonder if a physio or occupational therapists would have access to one so that you could try it out to see if it would be worth buying one.

    Do you know if any private clinics use them could take a course & see if you get any benefit?

  • scotslass333 I was thinking along the same lines as AgedCrone that maybe a physiotherapy or OT dept. might have access to vibration plates/EMS gadgets at frequencies or controllable speeds that are known to be helpful for people like you who might need a rather more sophisticated approach than 'normal' circulation-boosters. If so, maybe they'd be able to lend one or more to you to see if it suits and is useful?

    And, I'd think that with OA, RA, and ? neuropathy in your feet and now knees, it might be helpful to assess a couple of the different models of Revitive (or similar) so that you can evaluate what might best suit your needs (particularly if you have variation throughout the day etc.). I see Revitive has a model with add-ons for knee osteoarthritis as well as the usual, circulation-boosting EMS?

  • Yes I understand your concerns and yes, your suggestions are appreciated. Next time I see physio will ask. In the meantime I simply wondered if any forum members had actually used one!

  • I have ostio arthritus and fibro.I was told not to use these machines. I wanted one ..they are a lot of money. but physio do not use them .they tell you to exercise my ankles and knees give way all the time . I found what I can then sit .I walk with sticks and a walker I'm 63 5 yrs bk I was at gym every wk and swimming then it got eorse had my knees cleaned out 3 times on each had injections in ankles still swell and give way . so hubby got me a little drivable trolly iv only used it couple times . these Vito machine are gd gor tired legs it says helps arthritus but I don't no anyone eith it that they gave helped .only people on their feet a lot xxx

  • I was told not to get one they help people with tired legs it sas arthritus but I don't no anyone eith bad knees and legs and ankles it's helped x .u wanted one but my physio said no x it's up to u if ypu get one and it helps please let me know xxx

  • I've purchased gadgets to supposedly help with circulation. Waste of money in my opinion.

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