any experience using one of those vibration exercise machines??????

Hi, I am contemplating one of these but not sure whether they are beneficial to us.

I had thought it might rattle the crap out of my already unhappy bones. But given they have various settings I thought maybe the low ones would help with circulation etc.

I have lumpy tendons in my legs above and behind the knees and tight muscles particularly in legs which I have used a massage machine thingy for every few days.

Am concerned that because I am more old bones and less muscle that I am becoming more frail and need to do something to boost overall body activity.

Would be glad to hear your opinions and or experiences of them. Cheers!

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  • Do you mean something like a Slendertone machine?

    Before you buy one why don't you find a gym or health club that has one& see if you can have a trial run?

    I must say the thought of being jiggled around horrifies me, but if you feel it might help you....go for It!


  • Yes, that's the sort of thing. I am not really near to one to try it out and normally would be too expensive to consider buying but came across one for about $160.00 which made me think it might be a worthwhile investment. Yes I have my concerns about it possibly doing more harm than good lol. Thanks, love your name by the way.

  • Wonder why the owner is selling it brightangel?

    $160 is still a lot of cash to spend on something you are not sure will help.......wonder if anyone here has used one?

    I've seen demos of the S/tone machine & I do't think my fingers would be strong enough to pull the Velcro pads apart........but then I don't like any sort of massage.....& when my RA is really playing up I couldn't bear it!

    But hey if you want it,buy could always sell it on for $170.....nice little earner!


  • Hiya, I haven't looked into it properly, came here to get anyone's experience but that is a new one that's normally over $500 and from a supplier so figured that wasn't too bad, as I am apprehensive about 2nd hand, especially electrical. Yes, I have the dreaded weakness also at times and do struggle holding things etc. but hence why I thought low rate setting and just standing or sitting to boost circulation etc. might be a beneficial thing.....

  • I can only say i have a massage unit built into my profile bed and for my legs it is wonderful. After sitting too long ie more than 2 hours in my wheelchair my lower limbs become swollen and painful starting at toes and creeping up, my massager on legs only sorts it out much quicker than just reclining with legs raised. I could not cope without either my power bed or the massage in my life. Highly recommend both to anyone with advanced or severe RA.

  • That sounds interesting..... I hadn't thought in terms of a bed. Thank you, I will google what's around where I am and investigate the bed situation. Am glad that you get some joy from it and it helps to get feedback from people who have things that do work for them. Cheers!

  • Pleasure, have to say it wasnt cheap at around £1400 for bed and mattress (back pay from my dla), but so worth it, i would highly recommend power bed because if ur uncomfortable just a slight change with a switch solves it, of course it has to be a memory foam mattress or made for a profile bed a normal one wont take it. They normally come with or without massage and its in the bed frame not in the matress, i think it was £200 extra, i would never want to be without it, after 3 years the mattress was softening up too much so i got another at £600, but i hope the bed will go for rest of my days, i think bed came with 5 years warranty and price included delivery and installation. They are very very heavy and come in parts unless you have 2 very capable people dont attempt it. I dont know if im allowed to say but it came from betterlife which is the online section of lloyds chemist, ( if not i guess it will be deleted or i will have to sit on the naughty step). My rise/recliner chair also came from there at £800, it is also excellent but i do wish i had included massage on that as well. Blessings, Leon.

  • Hiya, mmmmmm..... very interesting, maybe I should be looking at the 'big picture' and 'long-term scenario' and give serious consideration to a bed. It hadn't occurred to me before but given the amount of time we spend there and your recommendation, it would make sense.

    Couldn't afford at this point but anticipating it could be a possibility maybe mid-next year. I have a vintage style metal frame and tired mattress which I bought one of those ridged, foam topper pads for which has completely softened the bed. (I began to realise my poor old achy stiff body was lying on a hard, stiff feeling mattress so the foamy thingy has made a big difference, but isn't memory foam.

    Looks like you escaped the naughty-step, lol, actually I recommended a supplement recently and I am still here so I guess maybe they make allowances, fortunately for us sharing what works for us).

  • I did manage to apply to the social fund and they gave me a one off non repayable grant of £200 toward the cost, and of course there was no vat, im pretty much bed bound now, that is on it not in it, cant cope with even a lightweight quilt on me so i sleep/rest on a quilt on top off the bed and just put a throw over me, still im so hot that the throw has to go. I would suggest to you what a friend recommended to me, i went to a bed shop (never intending to purchase until i had done a lot more research), i did what my friend suggested and found a position that i felt was perfect with legs slightly raised but supported around the knee and back/shoulders slightly inclined, i got it set right for me and realised how comfortable it felt, i did as recommended and stayed comfortable for a good few minutes, then put it back to flat and it felt so instantly uncomfortable and absolutely strange to lie flat ad i had been for 50 years!, i knew it was the right decision and found the right deal immediately on line. Shouldnt be encouraging you toward credit but i think i was offered interest free for 12 months where they do it as a pre payment on your debit card then take the payments monthly, i declined but that may suit others. Very best of luck.

  • Hi Leonwp,

    Sorry to hear you're mostly needing to rest. Great that you were able to suss out the perfect option. I have tried pillow under legs and that gets uncomfy and lately sometimes get the heated/burning sensation in certain parts of lower legs. I struggled with the weight of heavy woolly blankets which I needed in my cold house and a very dear friend had a lovely expensive twin feather duvet sent to me (summer and winter weight). That has solved the problem for me of weight now and it's like a fluffy cloud lol. I am in NZ so things are different prices here. Don't worry I don't overdo the credit thing and I appreciate your time and effort in giving me your advice and the benefit of your experience, that's always way more valuable than advertising.

    I have emailed the supplier of the vibration thingy and asked about it in relation to arthritis so see what they get back with. I did read one review by someone with RA who said it was great. My arse has even disappeared now lol there just doesn't seem to be any muscle anywhere, including there. Whilst I never had big booty at least there was some booty lol.... hence I am hoping because the machine makes your muscles contract it might help all over??? Cheers!

  • Oh nless you i absolutely love your reply

  • Hiya, It's about 8.15pm here right now, what time are you?

  • Hi there, its about 12 hours behind you, sun up shortly x

  • That sounds lovely only experience of "therapeutic" beds was a waterbed in an hotel ......after an hour I got out of bed & slept on the made me feel seasick.....changed rooms the next day!

  • Im with you on that one i tried it and hated it.

  • Right now I'm breaking in a new mattress ......a slightly less firm one than I had before...that was like sleeping on a wooden the only trouble is every time I turn over I bounce!

    If Father Christmas is kind to me I might take a look at something like you have! Then I'd never need to get up to ease my achey bones!!

  • If you look further and i can offer anymore advice please just ask, so nice to be able to help someone.

  • Oh, sorry, have to laugh at yours as well - bounce!!!! lol.

    Assuming Father xmas isn't as generous as one might hope, as I mentioned my poor-man's, textured foam one helped immensely compared to the board-lock surface I had with existing mattress

  • Thank you peoples, this advice gives me something to think about, which is why I came here in the first place but the added bonus is you make me laugh as well.........

    God only knows if we don't laugh, we cry, especially when we are in pain and feel isolated so this is a good place to be!


  • Now you have twanged a memory of when breaking in a new mattress was ............ well maybe less about comfort than it is now.

  • Ah, Memories!l

    Right now I'd like my old mattress back.....with one arm in plaster I'm wallowing around on this new squashier mattress like a beached whale....well maybe a whalette!

  • Oh bless you x

  • Sorry you got a bum arm, bit of a bugger with xmas coming. Mind you, could get you out of chores and set you up for being in charge of the Bar lol. Just a thought.... happy xmas, cheers!!!!

  • More like a bottle of bubbly & a straw with a few boxed sets in front of the TV.

    Great excuse to de exactly what I want with no guilty feelings!

    Merry Christmas🎀🍸🎀

  • hi Agedcrone, as one old girl to another, I plan something similar, lol. Nice to Know I am in good Company. I decided the terminology (oops nearly spelt it with 'terminal' wonder if that was a freudian slip ????? hahahaha)

    I am calling myself a 'Christmas Orphan' lol.

    Works for me!

  • Anyone know how to open bubbly with one Hand? Suddenly struck me,I'll have to buy a sword & do that whooshing trick......oh but how do I anchor the bottle to whoosh it?

    Guess I'll be another Christmas Orphan popping next door to get my bottle(s) opened!

    Merry Christmas All!

  • There is always a solution when it comes to getting a glass of bubby! You would have to place bottle between legs then slash with the sword but I suspect you'd take a knee cap off at the same time lol! which would make you less operational with only one arm and one leg, which would kinda defeat the purpose.

    You could get them opened in advance and put one of those pump things on top to keep bubbles in or transfer to screw top bottles but you would still need to hold between knees to open yourself. Sorry, that's the best I can come up with. At least I have two hands working at the mo, however munty they are. Good luck!

  • I think I'll stick to the next door neighbour route!

  • hahahaha........ The Good Old Days when......

    We Were Neither Good Nor Old! lol

  • I think im either blushing or its a hot flush.!

  • Hi Leonwp, hahaha yes happened to the best of us, though thankfully those days are gone..... (reminds me of a song.....)

  • Me too & did exactly the same as you! Awful feeling.

  • hahaha, sorry, had to laugh. Wow brings back memories of the 70's lol, not that I ever actually used one.

  • I wonder if the person who's selling it would let you have a demo before you buy, that's if they're close by? I think that's what I do if I was considering one. If you do buy it & find it's not for you as AC says you could always sell it on & maybe even make a small profit!

  • Hi nomoreheelsi..... I had thought I responded to your post but now not so sure, sorry. Cos it's an online thing I have 2 just do my homework but is about $400.00 cheaper and I am awaiting a response from the Company having asked about R.A. suitability and did see one good review from someone like us so am optimistic....

  • No problem brightangel, it happens to me as well, in fact the last one was only yesterday, I wrote quite an extensive reply & it's vanished (or I didn't submit it though I always get a pop up asking if I want to leave the page so goodness knows what happened!). I wondered if it was a distance sale, it's not possible to try before you buy then is it. It does sound hopeful if there's a positive review of the same product from someone with RD though, so if you do buy it I hope you find it helps. x

  • Hi nomoreheels, thank you, glad it's not just me...... I am known for not being very tech savvy, my bad.

  • leonwp nomoreheels agedcrone

    Hey guys, just want to say thank you to you all for your words of wisdom and humour,

    it was all much appreciated.

    Given I have seen good reviews I will seriously look to purchasing in the New year but with a different online supplier as the one I was looking at seems a bit dodgy.

    Thanks guys, happy, healthy, xmas and New Year! Mwah, Mwah, Mwah!

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