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Has any one had Injections into wrist under xray?

Hi went to see a spec list about my right wrist as its very painful, I have a splint on day and night, take painkillers religiously.i was hoping for a fusion op as the gap between my bones is so small. He had a look at my X-ray and decided it maybe possible to get a needle in under X-ray as he feels that the op is too barbaric for my age(36), but I'm scared about this injection as my wrist is painful anyway then to insert a needle into this area will be agony

Thanks for reading I don't has RA I have Pscaratic arthritis and have had it for 12 yrs and this is at its worst now. My bloods are all over the place as well so not a great time. On sulphasalazine tried mxt had bad react to that they thinking leflunomide next as they feel my bloods are related to sulpha.

Hb low

Haematocrit low

Mcv high

Much high

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I have had a few injections into my wrist under X-ray, and had excellent results, in fact I am sure this has saved my hand from damage. I had heard they were quite painful but I did nt find them painful a all just a tight pinch

Iike feeling, then you rest the joint for the rest of the day, and over a few days all inflammation disappears And pain. If you are in a situation like at work using a mouse ergonomic or nt, the pain etc does come back, but if not can last for an ndefinate length of time.

The best of luck,if you are worried about pain take a couple of pain killers in advance, but really it does' t last more than a few seconds and not bad at all.

Well that is my experience anyway. Your consultant is right a fusion is a serious op, and only as a last resort.




A doctor associate gave my husband some cream to rub on ten minuets before having injections.

It seemed to work fine, although I think you would need to ask your doctor or the consultant for it.


I had these but without X ray. I learned to do yoga breathing and kept very still and it was no big deal in the end, but the results were amazing and lasted for ages and ages.


Thanks to you both feeling abit better about this


ive had various injections and dread them,but when it actually happens its so quickly over and the results are well worth the few seconds ,its not really too bad as the can anaesthatise the area first ,i had my little finger top joint done and even that was nowhere near as bad ,


Thanks can not imagine having fingers done


Hi Belle, I have had Psoriatic arthritis for over 30 yearts. Just 7 weeks ago, I had very involved surgery on my right wrist, to correct damage done by the destruction of cartilage and small bones in the wrist and back of hand at the wrist crease. The surgeon had to remove 2.5 inches of the Ulnar bone, leaving a gap, and also removed 4 small, disc shaped bones in the wrist which were overlapping and rubbing against each other, due to the loss of cartilage to keep them in place.

All this the result of not having the meds and drugs we now have to slow or stop this kind of damage.

The results are excellent, I am now back to typing with all the fingers in my right hand, there is some limit of sideways motion, so it is still difficult to pick up my coffee mug with that hand. Small disability. Am done with 6 weeks of OT, now just working on strengthening exercises.

I would suggest taking advantage of any preventative actions recommended, plus whatever DMARDS or Biologics offered. With PsA, destruction is likely, so it really is imperative to do whatever it takes to stop the progression.

All the best, Loret xxx


Thank you I take sulpha, tried mxt but felt like the living dead. I have no movement in my wrist at all and surgeon said I have no cartilage left so bone on bone.with it being so painful the thought of having a needle into it worrys me, as if does not work I'm back to square one and would like some relief from the pain, pain killers help but having trouble with the tablets that protect it, they think my stomach is bleeding as a have a low Hb count.


I've had injections into my knee, elbow, wrist and more recently - my shoulder. All were worth doing. They were not too painful - they put local anaesthetic in first - and the benefits were good within 24 hours. My shoulder was agony all the time but especially at night, but now it's completely pain free. From past experience, the injections last about 3 months if you're lucky.


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