Wee bit of advice please

Hi and I hope everyone is feeling the best they can this evening.

I'm looking for a little advice. Unfortunately , I needed to have 2 Teeth extracted on Friday 😓😓 and my mouth is still giving me Considerable pain and remains pretty swollen. I returned to the dentist today and he had advised that all looks fine and it is just the healing Process causing the pain.

My question is, I'm due to take my enbrel injection tonight and Mtx tomorrow night and it occurred to me that maybe I shouldn't given the extractions ?

Can anyone advise and put my mind at ease, please?


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  • Hi Marie

    I'm sorry I've no advice to give you regarding your injections but just wanted to say sorry you are still suffering after your extractions. Fingers crossed the healing process doesn't take too much longer.

    Sharon 😀

  • Thanks Sharon. Hope things are well for you.


  • I had a root canalled tooth extracted and it calmed down my RA quite alot and though I was exhausted, I felt like dancing!!! I also took my mtx shot the next day. I'm not a doctor, so I can't give medical advice but for me it was not an issue taking my mtx on shedule.

  • Hi sue

    I knew a bit about your issues re dental treatment, so had hoped you'd come along!

    I shall take it as normal then . It was my thinking but just wanted to hear others thoughts around it.

    Thanks so much and I hope your recovery is going from strength to strength.


  • Please keep me informed about how you are doing after your extractions.

  • Speak to your gp as they are the best ones to advise you. When i have been in hospital for a operation i was advised not to take my mtx.So i suggest you ring your dr and ask them.xxx

  • As Sylvi says. Always best to ask your doctor as we can't give medical advice.... all I can tell you is my own experience (of MTX not biologicals). Basically I've done both according to how I've felt about infections and so on. And neither has made a whit of difference! Misssing a week has been fine, and so has continuing as didn't seem to affect healing....

  • Thanks everyone. I'll give the gp a quick ring.

    Have a great day.


  • If you can't get hold of your Gp try your rheumy nurse who monitors your biologics, they are usually on the ball.

  • Hi Marie - No advise on the shots, but really hoping you will start feeling better soon

  • Thank you Caeryl

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