Gallbladder Infection

Gallbladder Infection

Well folks today is hard I've still got infection diareeoa and severe pain and just feel shite, and lim going to have to go through all this again when I get my gallbladder out,on top off this I can't take my Mtx and Benepali injections and am waiting for a call back from my Biological nurse 2 days ago I phoned and I'm still waiting , that's the only problem with being 2 hours away I can't just pop in.

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  • Hope you start to feel better soon

  • Here's another vote for you to feel better soon!

  • There's at least three of us rooting for you. Big hugs


  • Make that four!

  • Now it's five wishing you well.

  • And Six... Feel better soon. I too hate my gall bladder and all it entails. Take care- things will get better x

  • Aww - so sorry popsmith - I hope you are feeling better soon

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