Pain under right rib- associated with arthritis/ inflammation?


I have PSA and three months ago I had my gallbladder out- caused by mtx I think. I now have excruciating pain under right ribs. I have a buprenorphium patch for pain anyway ( great because doesn't cause side effects if anyone's interested ) and am now on top dose of liquid morphine. Has anyone else experienced anything like this?

Lizzie x

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  • I had severe pain in my rib cage which started on my right side, then spread to my whole rib cage. What I had is called Costochondritis. It's excruciating, and made it really difficult for me to breathe. Not sure if that's the same as what you've got. x

  • Hi,

    It certainly sounds similar. Thank you- I shall look it up x

  • Worth going to speak to your GP about it if you are concerned. Any chest pain should be investigated. I had to have a chest x ray, blood tests etc carried out to rule out any other causes for the pain as costochondritis pain can mimic a heart attack.

    Lying down was impossible, which made sleeping very difficult. My GP prescribed Amitriptyline and Oromorph for the pain which really helped. Your post brought back really horrible memories of what I went through last year. I really hope you get better soon. x

  • I'm having it at moment I'm in hospital after a week in bed I was rushed t hospital as my Gaulbladder was infected and am still in till Tuesday I think but it's the mtx that's infected it so once things settle down it will be removed I hope but the pain is horrendous the bright side is I've lost 1stone in weight due t losing my appetite😆

  • My sister had a lot of pain following gall bladder removal. She was told its quit common.

  • *quite

  • Hi Jacey15,

    Do you know how long after her op the pain continued for? Thank you x

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