Folate ?

Is anyone taking Solgar Folate in place of Folic Acid. I have a flagged low MCHC mean corpuscle haemoglobin conc. Have been researching and found that Folate may be better treatment.

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  • Don't know, but I have the same issue! I'll keep an eye on this post.

    I do use solgar for other things.

  • OK and thanks. Am due to see RA nurse next month, so will have a chat with them and report back if anything interesting for comrades!

    Have a good day

  • Thanks.

    My MCHC is always low. No one seems interested. Do you have symptoms?

    I feel knackered and have pins and needles in toes and under arm! 😳

  • Yes I get really tired. I have to pace myself everyday. If I over do it on a few days it's like hitting a wall and I just have to sleep in the day to recover as much as possible. Take care and thanks for replying

  • There is someone who has the gene mutation and posted about it a couple of months ago - here

    Problem is what dose to use, as the solar folate is only 0.5mg rather than 5mg folic acid. But if absorbed better then presumably don't need so much.

  • Thanks for that. Very interesting read. Take care

  • These symptoms sound similar to B12 deficiency. I have no idea what your Haemo etc is but worth asking if it's the same sort of thing.

  • Thanks

  • When you're dealing with anemia really you need it to be prescribed, over the counter folate or folic acid won't touch it I'm afraid, it's just not strong enough. You'd need to take either 12 & a bit tablets (not very scientific!) or 5 tablets depending on which strength you buy to equal one prescription dose, so it could work out expensive too. Is there any particular reason you'd rather not go the prescribed route Sali? Folic acid is only the first step in an attempt to sort anaemia, so it's better to work with your GP, or discuss it with him/her & see what's recommended I think I'm afraid, it's preferable if it can be resolved with folic acid rather the next step in prescribed meds.

  • Thanks for reply. I am going to discuss with consultant and not self prescribe. I research problems and discuss as I want the best possible outcome. RA is so complex and sometimes it is more useful and informative to hear experiences of actual sufferers and I try to keep up to date with any new developments. Wishing you well.

  • I think that's wise, you can't really go it alone where bloods are concerned, or anything possibly connected to being RD related really. It's definitely helpful to talk things like this over with other RD'ers, self help can be all that's needed sometimes, one reason we're here. I hope the folic acid helps & your fatigue eases.

    I hope you have a happy Easter. 🐣🐥

  • Boots Pharmacist advised me its 35 of Holland and Barrett strength B12 ! 3 times a day.

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