Back to the clinic

Back to the clinic

So I am back at the clinic tomorrow. I rang to ask if the useless registrar that I hung up on 6 months ago was going to be there and they said she is taking the clinic. I am screwed. She will probably try and tell me it is all in my head again and I am taking no prisoners this time. I have also now had to make an appt with my rheumy privately to counter the crap that she will try and do tomorrow. Grrrr so angry.

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  • Report her to your hospital as she she shouldn't treat you like that darling.xxxx

  • Hi Sylvi

    I reported her to the head of rheumatology last time. I wouldn't like to be her. I am just going to go in there with a take no prisoners and as soon as he starts any of that nonsense I am going to say to her I will be reporting the conversation to my rheumy, who is her big boss. Only problem is I can't get in to see him until May.

    How are you going? How is your back? I have been watching the posts but I have a lot of stuff going on in my family at the moment so have been just reading and responding sporadically

  • Take a recorder with you do you have one on your phone or get a little one you can tape the conversation with her. My back is not good and the infusion failed. You worry about whats going on in your life darling i completely understand,xxxx

  • yes I did think I would record it so I can play it back to her boss.

    It is pretty traumatic stuff and playing on my mind greatly. I just have to get my head around it and get on.

    Oh that is no good Sylvi. I hope you can get some relief soon. Have they offered any suggestion for what they can do next?.

    I have had a steroid injection in my ankle today and I think the anaesthetic has worn off. Ouchy Hope it settles as I won't be getting much sleep tonight otherwise.

  • Recorder, I take a gun lol, not really, I'd take rope and string her up by her feet lol

  • You might just find she has learnt some wisdom with increasing experience! I have often found registrars to be dismissive and apparently stupid. Thinking about it more calmly afterwards (too angry at the time!) I realised that they were covering up for their own feelings of being inadequate and their lack of knowledge.

  • She tried to put me in a box that didn't fit and then argued about it so I called her boss and had words with him. He made her rewrite a letter that she had written to my GP. I told the rheumy nurse I have no faith in her and I think she is incompetent. Being in charge of the clinic will probably go to her head I think

  • Gather all you have & take no prisoners SOM (much like the kitty in your pic!). If it's all in your head then she needs hers looking at. You go girl. 🎗

  • Thanks NMH, I have so much going on at the moment it is the last thing I needed to hear that she was running the clinic. Aghhhhhh

  • Speak to PALS - they can make sure you are not seen by her again. Good luck xXx

  • I don't live in the UK. I will speak to the head of rheumatology again if she behaves like she did last time.

  • That makes life difficult. Hopefully talking to the head of rheumatology will help.

  • He made her rewrite the letter to my GP last time and I am sure he would have hauled her over the coals. I have very frank and honest discussions with him about the fact that our relationships should be a partnership and that if we lose trust and faith in the person who is supposed top be part of that partnership, it does untold damage to our health. i.e.what this woman has done.

  • Very frustrating. Good luck xXx

  • Hi

    Have just read through this thread and I have to say that such combative language will not help. A cool, calm but firm approach will get more than all the "take no prisoner" talk. Such an approach will only reinforce any preconceived notions the doc may have.

  • You would have to meet her to understand. I am never rude to her or any other bad behaviour, but I will not be intimidated by someone who thinks she knows everything after seeing me for 5 minutes.

  • Hi

    I was simply responding to the language used "take no prisoner etc". That would normally imply confrontation and forceful. I was trying to suggest a way to get your point over in another way. Best wishes for the clinic.

  • I am never rude to people, I figure you get more flies with honey than vinegar, but she is quite a rude woman who just won't listen even when faced with facts. Inflexible is the word and that comes from arrogance. But I will take no prisoners, as I will do what I did last time and make a complaint to her boss.

  • Take someone with you if you can.

    All the best


  • Unfortunately that isn't an option but thank you for your suggestion. I would if I had someone reliable to take.

  • I had this happen to me as well was wrongly diagnosed An was told that I didn't have anything wrong with me even tho I knew there was so woke up the next morning unable to move phones a ambulance an was later diagnosed with having sciatica ps I already have psoriasis an psychiatric arthritis an plantar fasciitis an now I've got sciatica bloody great lol

  • Yep I was diagnosed today with psoriatic arthritis instead of sero neg RA. It would ecplain a lot. Also suggested ir may be spondyloarthritis as I have had a really bad back and hips since I was diagnosed 5 years ago. No one ever really listened tho. I have ruptured discs all the time.

  • Hopefully you don't get sciatica as it all started with having psoriasis

  • Yep been getting that for a few years and ruptured discs quite frequently. Can't have steroid injections in my spine any more as I have had a couple of strokes and am on a blood thinner. So I get to just try and get through it the best I can. Hoping that when I start the biologic it will help with that.

  • Moody hell someone's mother I've had steriod injections an there not fun but as for being injected into the spine sod that :( ps really do hope that you better An don't let gps an so called specialist fob you off

  • My GP is fantastic and when I get to see my rheumy he is good value too. It is the registrars who are less than easy to get through to. The steroid injections in my lower spine were interesting but the relief was amazing. So sad I can't do them any more

  • Oh my goodness hopefully your will find the right help care as what your going through sounds absolutely horrendous :(

  • It's doable, I just get very tired by the end of the day and then shattered by the end of the week.

  • Been diagnosed wrongly so many times an it took calling a ambulance to be properly diagnosed my a professional ps funny story was claiming esa this was before I know I had plantar fasciitis or sciatica was claiming £145 every 2 week for 4 months where as when I was working I was getting £1300 a month so long story short was asked to attain a medical assessment An was make to do a few tests all of which where either unrelated to my condition or pointless an to top it I was seen my a nurse not a specialist lol anyways 2 days later they stopped my money as I was deemed fit to work so was forced to go back to work even tho I couldn't walk hahaha......... month later I was diagnosed with having plantar fasciitis an sciatica on top of already having psoriasis an psychiatric arthritis so yep currently been of work now for 6 days An can't even move because I was forced back to work which made my condition 10 times worse

  • I had planter fasciitis before I started this journey 5 or so years ago. I get ruptured discs in my back continually since all this started too, it is agony, but I have to keep working, no choice.

  • I know how you feel well apart from I don't have ruptured discs (hopefully not) but what can you do other then feel obligated to go back to work in pain knowing that it will most probably make your condition worse

  • well we only have so much leave, so after that is gone you just have to front up and keep going and yes it does make it all worse.

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