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Off to see Hematologist today. Thank you all for your kind words of support. It is far more meaningful as you have all experienced this for yourself. Although many symptoms are unique to the individual we share the same framework. It is all incompasing. It affects all aspects of your life. I certainly know many of you are dealing with far worse. The availability of a social worker is six weeks. There is at least eight month wait for a shrink. I choose to pass on both. I feel others can benefit far more than I ca. I also had a run in with one in 1998. My left knee blew up and they did orthoscopic surgery. The doctor in ER decided I was depressed and stuck me on a psych ward. I escaped after my surgery on a pass. I left hospital with a large bag of drugs. I threw them out . Was rushed back in with delirium. They had to withdraw certain drugs gradually. Since then I will not take any psychotropic drugs. The shrink in question has since lost his license to practice. Just my luck lol

Genetics also informed me that I am not French, only 5% and 40% Irish and British. So officially can now say "Luck of the Irish".☘️ Again the support I am getting from all of you is more than enough. I do great for the most part. Thank you all and hope you all have a great day.

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  • B gora ☘hope all goes well and your haematologist isn't a vampire.regards Mike

  • Not a vampire but definitely a Doogie Houser lol he is Asian so like my children who a part Chinese , he looks young.

    There is a lot of fun facts with genetics as well. Traits for instance, can be hilarious. I like that they map your genome and provide you with raw data. Then you can find all manner of sites that help you to interpret that data. LiveWello is a great example. They provide information on all nutrigenomics , pharmacogenetics and epigenetics. They will help you understand how the genes work together. The program ' Inside the human body' by BBC is fantastic as well. It literally takes you inside the body. Invetro development of the brain, the immune system. You see macrophages, tcells, antibodies, cells...It is fantastic. So much more impact I've than dry print. It brings it to life but also makes it accessible. Anyone can understand it without degree's. My husband likes it as well. I am beginning to have a very good understanding of biology, chemistry and physiology. I also have a new appreciation for the World Wide Web. You can google anything. It is amazing. I never understood my sisters attachment to groups on social media, after all, you rarely meet these people. But I am definitely appreciating how she feels.

  • Top of the morning to you, Damaged. Your thoughts are beautifully put and chime with my own. I've never had the courage to explore my genetics 'cos goodness alone knows what would be found. Looking at my brother I strongly suspect werewolf genes. I hope today'sappointment bring you all the answers and help you need


  • I love that - I may some family with werewolf genes too

  • Hope all goes well..x I'm adopted & always known as does my brother..we were "specially chosen"...ive also always known my history is pure Irish parents.if you heard the names you'd understand.!!!! So finding if my condition is hereditary is somewhat hard.if not impossible...😃..I'm told I look Irish? I'm small so I presume as my fav colour is green.I resemble a leprechaun...keep smiling.head up & remember everyone on here is a friend.even though we never met it dosnt stop &

  • I don't know Damaged - I think that is my totally, all-encompassing, worst nightmare of all time - to be placed in a psych ward and drugged to the point of no return. I made my Dear Hubby promise me that if someone tries to do that to me (I was a psych-tech in the Army) he would leave a 357 or 9 MM with at least one bullet and go for a drive. I am amazed that you came out of it so well.

    Good luck today. We'll keep you in our thoughts

  • I do have an incredible ability to find the funny in things. Psych ward being a great example. It did serve to eliminate my fear of the mentally ill. My dentists was in hospital at the same time . He suffered from bipolar disorder. It has crossed my mind that people start to avoid us because in the back of their mind is the fear that this could happen to them. Disease is the ultimate form of democracy in nature. Illness can strike no matter how rich, how poor, intelligent, beautiful or ugly. It will hit anyone at anytime.

    I also know several medical professionals with diseases as well. I think it makes them far better doctors. They see the human side of this equation. We are more than our illness but can be consumed by the endless stream of tests, doctors and treatments.

    So to stay sane ! I look for the funny. Doogie Hawser was a program year aga , Neil Patrick Harris was a very young boy genius and doctor. I have several specialist who look barely out of thei teens. Is that a sign I am getting old😧

  • Maybe old(er)? I know what you mean. I look at all of these millionaires and they all look like they are in their mid-20s - ha ha - maybe they are. And many of the experts I admire are in their 20s and 30s... It gives me great hope for the future =)

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