Hello all, just wanted to wish all the wonderful people in the site a Happy St Patrick's Day from me and anyone else from Ireland or of Irish blood.......there are something like 77 million people around the world of Irish decent.

Before I was struck with this awful RD I was in the town with all my froends to see the sites, watch the parades and of course have a few drinks to 'drown my shamrocks'. Today I'll be at home as I'm really not fit for crowds as I need to be sitting every 10 minutes or so. But there are plenty about who will continue with the celebrations in my name. It was on the news last night here that 105 building and structures around the world will turn green to celebrate this day that honours St Paddy and I suppose the Irish in general. I'll raise a glass today but it will have to be here in the house.......XXXX

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  • Happy St Patrick's day to you also, here's to Erins green valleys :) I'm not fit to go out and celebrate either most of my family are going out to celebrate tonight but I'll be raising a glass myself later ( diet coke) :)

  • I have the makings of a glass of red wine that I'll raise later on tonight......sure its the thought that counts isn't it? Thanks for the reply. XX

  • Hmmm sounds lovely I'm in a flare just now so need to take strong painkillers or I would be having a large Guinness (although my wee granny did used to say that was medicine) lol enjoy :)

  • My granny had a half pint bottle per day prescribed for anaemia, true. They do say "Guinness is good for you".....could never get a taste for it myself but an Irish Coffee I could down almost anytime. Why do the Irish always end up talking about the drink? Think of all the people who came from this tiny island who have changed/influenced the world in the fields of art, theatre, literature, cinema, poetry, politics, philosophy, dance, music etc, etc.....I'm so very proud of my people. X

  • Edinburgh Castle is turning green as it gets dark tonight! Happy Patricks day!

  • One of my favorite places.....should look stunning as it get darker. I wasn't able to go to the town for the celabrations but managed to get to the park for a bit of fresh air and a wee walk for the doggies........thanks so much for the reply, hope you are keeping well. XX

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