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Morning everyone,well i am still alive and am finding this recovery very hard i won't pretend it isn't. Thank goodness for tena liners. Complan for breakfast so i am getting the goodies i need. I slept last night only because i took a sleeping tablet i didn't want a repeat of the night before. No one tells you how hard the recovery was going to be,i feel like i have had the stuffing knocked out of me and really that has what has happened. I will be taking my time in my recovery and i won't be going very far any time soon. I keep getting down and having a cry does help.xxxxxx

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  • Morning sylvi, glad you got a decent sleep, sleeping pill or not. It would do you no end of good, I am horrible if I don't get the right amount of sleep. You are bound t be feeling horrible, you have had a general anaesthetic for starters, that has a huge effect on yr body and will take a while for the effect to wear off - could be why you want to cry. Then you've been cut open, your innards rummaged about in while they did the procedure etc. I think it would be a minor miracle if you felt great - but you will eventually if you hang in there so ((((( today's big hug)))) to get your day started.

    Not sure about the Complan breakfast though - I'm not keen on milky drinks - how does it rate compared to the yoghurt and milk you were on before 😉

  • Its easier to digest at least and not too bad to be honest.xxxx

  • Ah chin up love,

    You will be fine. Rest up and take care.

    Best wishes,

    Jane xx. 💐💐

  • Just take one day at a time, you're doing really well. You have had major surgery. Having a good sleep is important, so a sleeping tablet is a good idea. Best wishes Mavis xx

  • Glad to hear you are home, time is a great healer, I hope you start feeling better soon.

    Gentle ((((( hugs)))))


  • Thinking of you, keep strong, you know the benefits that are ahead x

  • I'm glad you've slept a bit better. Being warm and cosy at this time of year has its merits. Are you well enough to do any colouring yet?


  • Cathie i do try to do some colouring at leasst once a day and i have the papers and wordsearches to do as well and all my friends on here and facebook have been so kind to me as well. I am up and down during the day,first thing this morning i felt rough then when delhi belly struck i started to feel a lot brighter and now i have come down and feeling low,but i know all that will pass.xxxx

  • I know the ups and downs. Do you know Joanna bash fords books? She studied art in Edinburgh I think and says she really likes to see what people have done.

    Keep warm. We're trying to go out for a drive but I have to negotiate three shallow steps which still make me cry.

    My knee op in a week and a day now...

  • I hope it comes quickly for you and will be successful afterwards darling.xxxx

  • You can't underestimate sleep any time, but especially when you are recovering from a major surgery. Take good care. Cheers Doreen

  • I hope today finds you brighter- 🌸🌹🌻🌼🍀🌿🌾🌺🌷-- I've just been out in the pouring rain and picked those flowers just for you. They will make a lovely display! ! Xxxx

  • Thank you

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