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Palpitations with RA?


Hi I was wondering if anyone had experienced any issues with a racing heart and palpitations when they have RA?

I had a really scary night a few weeks back when out of nowhere my heart started racing and I was having long runs of palpitations. I felt like I couldn't get my heart back in sync.

I didn't really have any other symptoms other than obviously feeling uncomfortable and panicking a bit.

My GP did an ECG which was normal, no odd ryhthms. It was fast but then she felt this was down to white coat syndrome. I felt this too as I was very nervous and am cardiac phobic.

The rheumy nurses are always talking about the high risk of heart disease which doesn't help but I wondered whether these were just another symptom of RA

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No idea but lying in bed and listening to your own heart can induce something like this. I'm not saying you should not get it checked further, but would suggest that if you were able too to get up and walk around as if you do that and feel thats its gone away it may just may be a type of panic attack. Others may know more but if your GP said your ok and usually if there is any doubt they refer you to a cardiologist and its only happened once they I'd not worry to much but if it happens agin then go and seek more advice.

I read on the NHS website that you can feel your heart beat when you lie down. I get them. They are generally nothing. I think that because of the horridious disease we notice just when we are settling for the night.

As your GP isn't worried, I would note that it is happening and try not to worry.


Have you had your thyroid checked?

I had massive palpitations and pounding heart - although I had it for a long time until eventually I was so ill I had to go to my GP - turned out my thyroid was massively hyper with antibodies and I've got Graves Disease, yet another autoimmune condition.

Have to say I had the Graves before the onflammmatory arthritis.

Do you have fibromyalgia..?

I have RA. No one has mentioned fibromyalgia to me. Thyroid is okay. Didn't happen when I was laying down, it came on suddenly whilst I was sat reading

Had it again today after I'd been swimming

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I had terrible palpitations whilst taking sulfasalazine. It was actually quite frightening.

Are you taking a new drug that might be causing problems?

I have had this issue. Was put on a monitor and it read that my heart was at 120 beats per minute. Should be 80 bpm. Now on Bisoprolol fumarate. Which has made a huge difference.

I had this shortly after starting Sulfasazaline. But when I git to gp it had calmed down. Still get it now and again though. They did bloods to test thyroid but no results yet. Good luck!

I think I have them too, but no sign of heart problems, thankfully. Have decided it's nothing to worry about unless it starts to happen a lot more. I had a heart ultrasound which was not a pleasant experience! Do get checked out if you are concerned though.

A couple of years ago I started with episodes of palpitations. Became more frequent, up to twice daily. Very debilitating, felt dizzy, nauseous and very frightened. Pulse rate irregular and fast. Was admitted to Addenbrooke's with ? Heart attack. Diagnosed with atrial fibrillation and flutter and was treated with an ablation procedure 18 months ago. Very successful treatment and condition not related as far as they know to RD.

If your heart checked out then maybe panic attacks but I am not a doctor. Do tell your Rheumatologist next time you see him. Maybe needs more investigations.

Best wishes Pam

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