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UTI's antibiotics or no?

I currently suspect yet another UTI. They seem to have become a regular event since this is the third time this year. I am also hesitant to go to clinic as exposes me to no end of germs. I have an appointment Thursday with Hemotologist, Monday with Rheumatologist. Should I perhaps call Rheumy and ask for urine test ? Call on line clinic? What to do ?

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A UTI requires antibiotics. Take a sample to GP asap. Do make sure you tell Rheumatologist about these repeated infections as your immune system may be compromised in RA due to drug treatment.

I had problems with repeated infections over a number of years and my immune status was very low and this had been missed by hospital. Meant I needed immunotherapy via intravenous infusions. Ask if they will check your immunoglobulins. We need to manage our own cases. Best wishes Pam


Thank you Pam, I will go to clinic this morning . It has become very painful so no doubt something is amiss. I would think all autoimmune diseases would compromise immune system. The number of drugs I have consumed in this last year is enough to create havoc. My body may simply be rebelling lol I am getting so exhausted from sleepless nights. I am up every hour on the hour. I regularly am up by five am. My body overheats shortly after I fall asleep. I get frustrated by the fact that there seems to be no treatment of the endless issues. I understand that RD is drug resistant etc but why do doctors ignore the conditions that can be treated effectively. Reflux, migraines, Bletharitis, tenivitis, ....it is endless with end result of making me feel awful all the time.

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Excellent advice re probiotics. I will do just that. Having had a pet supply that specialized in raw, all natural organic and holistic products. I know how beneficial it can be.


Probiotics are my most important of pills I take. The majority of our immune systems are in our gut. The more I read and the more my niece, who has her doctorate in research. She has degree in cellular microbiology and more and has specialized in researching autoimmunity. Her last research involved Lupus.

But she has shared how the overuse of antibiotics, incorrect use (the patient feels better and doesn't finish antibiotics...)]thus creating superbugs. I have been taking high quality of the best probiotics for the gut every day for many months. It has helped my entire body work better. From what i read and the research she has shared with me i believe that we need to work on healing our gut, the center of our immune system. It isnt going to rev it up (we don't need that) but we do need a strong, healthy immune system.


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