UTIs in men a sign of RA

There don't seem to be too many men on this forum. I'm still waiting to get in with a new Rheumatologist next week (have vague joint paint and numbness, etc...normal labs except for high anti-ccp >250...no confirmed diagnosis yet). I know UTIs are quite common in women but I'm male and have gotten four in 2015 (non specific UTIs...tested neg for all STDs). Just wondering if any men on this site had this prior to an RA diag.

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  • Hi , yes it's a shame in a way there's more ladies, but RA is more common in women so that would explain it a bit.

    Don't know about the uti but I Suspect that when your immune system is all out of sorts you pick up infections more readily, which I find strange as your body works over to get rid of whatever RA things it's fighting!

    Hope u get a diagnosis soon. It would help to keep a pain diary and any photos of swelling or redness for the doc to see . And of course get the uti treated !

    Good luck and great to have you on the site xx

  • thanks for the reply :-)

  • As much use as it was but welcome anyway lol 😀

  • Hi, there are a few fellas on here and I do honestly think it affects us in different ways. For the record I was diagnosed in 2014 and I have never had a UTI so can't confirm your thoughts about the infections. Hope you get a diagnosis and get sorted asap.

  • Thanks!

  • Hiya,

    I'm a bloke..for better or worse, and have had RA for 13 years. Approx 3 years ago I had a nasty UTI, which I left far too long before going to see my GP - typical bloke I guess, and was diagnosed with a chronic bladder condition resulting in recurring UTIs, which have caused complications for me.

    I won't go into detail here as I've just posted outlining my condition and concerns in my "Abatacept concerns" thread situated above this one. Have a read if you want, it will give you a rundown on the problems I've incurred.

    That's not to say the same could happen to you if you do have RA.

  • Thanks! I read your post and do have some thoughts for you based on my own expetience with UTI's. I'll write more when i'm at the computer...have issues typing long messages on my phone.

  • Feel free. Wish I could have talked to another bloke with both RA and UTIs. My rheumatologist reckons I'm a rare case, so as you say - there doesn't seem to be many of us around.

  • Hello. So just a few thoughts based on my own experience. As I don’t have an official diagnosis yet I’m not on any RA meds so they would not be to blame for my recurrent UTIs. Mine are also a bit different as they were never able to culture anything and all STD tests were neg (it sounds like yours may have been ecoli-related). Forgive the personal info, but all 4 of my UTIs were attributed to oral sex (condoms were used otherwise). They were likely caused by some generally harmless bacteria that occurs in the mouth that did not agree with my urinary tract. Once I refrained from oral sex, they stopped occurring. You may want to consider using condoms and refraining from oral sex and see if that stops the UTIs. This is not to imply that your wife has any irregularities but normal oral and or vaginal bacteria my be causing your UTIs especially if it's not be properly flushed out due bladder issues. Women get UTIs following sex all the time with men who have no bacterial irregularities...you may be on the flip side this time. Just a thought. Hope it’s not too graphic. You may also want to consider drinking unsweetened cranberry juice every day or trying D-MANNOSE powder. They did not work for me but many people report success with them for stopping UTIs, particularly ones caused by e-coli. I wish you the best.

  • My problem is nothing to do with sexual practices of any form, I wish it was! ;) I've been diagnosed with poor bladder tone - weak muscles, which when I look back has slowly crept up on me over a number of years. It could have been caused by my RA, the medication I've been taking, or whatever...there's just no way of telling.

    Interested in how you think my UTIs are e.coli related?

    I tried drinking pure cranberry juice for months - it made very little, if any difference to the frequency of my UTIs. The best thing I find is to drink loads of water, and I mean loads - I'm sick of the stuff! :) Stopping my immune suppressing meds has definitely had a positive affect on my UTIs. Problem is I've just started taking them again so fully expect more frequent UTIs from now on.....

  • I thought you said in one of your posts that your doctor thought they were caused by E. coli .

  • I said the bug most commonly found in my UTIs is a type of e.coli. I have had other types of bugs but this one is the most common. My understanding is that it is already in my body but in a dormant state. Something related to my condition seems to activate it from time to time.

  • Hi,

    I'm one of blokes on this forum.

    My CRP results were virtually normal but I also had high anti CCP. Was diagnosed with RA just over a year and a half ago and luckily I've had no UTI's before or after diagnosis.


  • Thanks for the reply. How are you doing since you started treatment?

  • Hi,

    Generally very good. I'm taking 15mg methotrexate each week. Side effects aren't pleasant but manageable. Bit like a hangover but without the good bit the night before. Muzzy head and feel a bit queasy at times the day after taking it.That's the bad bit out of the way.

    The benefits are great. Took a couple of months to get working but I'm now doing virtually everything I could before. Very rarely have to take any painkillers. Still have the odd day which isn't great but since diagnosis I've only had one day where I didn't make it to work. Been very lucky as haven't had any colds either so my immune system still seems to be working.

    Good luck with the rheumatologist next week and hope they find it's not RA but something they can cure


  • Thanks...appreciate the response.

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