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I don't know what to do and should I panic ? I have lupus and did two blood tests that said my alt was 109 did another one today and said alt 140 and ast 64. I'm here waiting to do a sonogram hopefully tmw. I don't know what can cause this. Doctor today said maybe methotxate but I know it's not bc I just moved and been off meth for 2 months. Anyone knows can it be something serious can this be treatable. I'm so scared and feel alone. Please anyone help me has anyone been thru this before. I'm new with lupus so I don't know.

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  • Your liver is a wonderful organ as it's the only one that can repair itself. So please don't panic, as these numbers are not way, way off the scale and can drop as quickly as they've risen. They can be affected by things like dehydration too. Ask your doctor to repeat the tests and if they're the same then ask what he or she proposes to do to investigate the reason. Meanwhile, don't drink alcohol (which you probably won't where you are anyway), keep yourself hydrated and avoid fatty food.

  • Well I did a blood test again today and result was 140. I have a sonogram tmw. Hopefully everything goes well. I don't drink. I'm a clean eater but haven't been eating bc been having nausea and throwing up I think due to the high liver enzyme. Thank you for ur reply.

  • My alt once reached the dizzy heights of 257 had to come off all drugs until i had two test within normal range. It went down straight away and it's been ok since. This was in 2012. Was told at the hospital that they don't get concerned until it's in the 600's. Hope this helps.xx

  • Thanks for the reply. I haven't been on any meds due to traveling and not finding the right doctor. I'm worried in what can it be. Can it be from lupus ? What will the doctors next step be after the sonogram. Im just so confused

  • Firstly don't worry. A high LFT could be due to any number of things so us muddying the water water saying it could be this or that won't really help. You've only til tomorrow for your imaging, that's one step further. If it was of real concern you'd be fast-tracked so wait & see what tomorrow's outcome is & then you'll know better. One thing I do know is the liver is clever, it's the only organ we have able to repair itself so it can take quite a bashing.

    Have you tried the Lupus UK site? I don't know if you're aware but this is the NRAS site, the National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society, a UK based charity, you may find they'll have more relevant info over there, you having Lupus

    I hope all turns out to be ok.

  • Thank you so much nomoreheels. Hopefully all good news tmw and thank you for the site didn't know about that

  • I've just re-read your question. You've been off MTX for 2 months. I had a similar situation, moving from one country to another & I was also off all my RD meds, including MTX, for 3 months. I was going to say I flared like you wouldn't imagine but actually you probably would! Once I was signed up with a new Rheumy & she'd performed all her exams, tests & imaging only then could I restart my meds. My bloods were all over the place, so as you've had a break from your MTX, albeit enforced, it's not wholly unusual your LFT's are raised, it can happen although it's unusual but it did happen to me. How are your inflammatory markers, are they similarly raised? Anyhow, a month later they all went back to my norm. Just thought my experience may help ease your mind somewhat.

  • Nomoreheels I haven't gotten fr results to my inflammatory markers yet. I just hope it isn't serious. My alt levels in Jan was 30. Hopefully it goes down

  • But that's still not an abnormally high spike. What would be considered high is something like 20 or 25 times your normal level. So please don't worry, stress is a known trigger for flaring & that's the last thing you need being off meds. Do bear in mind also that not all labs work off the same test method so if this is the first bloods result from a new Rheumy, especially in a new country, the ranges may be different from what you're used to. Once you've a copy of the lab report you should find it includes the specific reference range for your liver tests. Again, if you're to have any problems of note the liver will repair itself, hang on to that thought.

  • don't panic mine are way higher than that, up around the 300s for the past 5 years and they call that Ok for me. It could have been mtx that have made them high and your liver may be taking a little time to get back down. Lots of other things can cause it too, antibiotics, alcohol, paracetamol, any number of drugs. Sometimes your liver may just have a little glitch and will go back down again. It is a remarkable organ that takes a lot of knocks before it really gets upset so try and not worry too much.

  • I work in a lab and we occasionally see alt in the 100 000 and people recover. As has been already said, the liver is regenerative. Good luck today xXx

  • Thank u guys so much

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