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Tai chi !!


Well ive eventually taken the bull by the horns and gone to a Tai Chi class . Its a small class with only 6 people so theres no where to hide , which is bad when you have no coordination 😠! I enjoyed it though i had to concentrate really hard to follow the movements. My legs , arms and feet ached quite badly afterwards as you have to bend knees and hold positions for several minutes at a time . I have done pilates and yoga in the past , i think at the moment this maybe the best exercise for me along with walking . Has anyone else tried Tai Chi , and did you find it of benefit . 🤗

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No I've not tried this, but have been looking for a class for a while. The person I contacted in my area combined it with yoga, which isn't what I wanted. Glad you're enjoying it, which has encouraged me to keep looking. Candy

Hi Weathervane. I started Qi Qong in January and absolutely love it. I used to do Pilates but my I found I ended up with excruciating pain in my shoulders which lasted for days. Enjoy Tai Chi.


I joined a class about 11 years ago, had to stop after 9 months for a triple foot fusion, I did enjoy it, but my co- ordination wasn't that great due to my problem feet. Unfortunately due to a long recovery time and further surgery I didn't go back. I now go to a Falls prevention class, which is better for me. Tia Chi is very good for balance and mindfulness, so keep it up if you can. Good luck. X

Thanks for the replys , i will try and keep it up . I do have a cd as well but i find a class easier as the instructor corrects any wrong moves and i have plenty 🤔

I have been doing Tai Chi (form 108 Yang, form 24 and form 10) for the last three years and find it very beneficial for strength and balance. Luckily our instructor doesn't make us hold a specific pose for ages to correct every tiny detail, so it's very enjoyable. A little bit of practise every day will help you in many ways. Listen to your body and hopefully it will say "GO". All the best.

I started with a beginners class locally, with a very experienced leader. there we began with the moves in a basic form and after 3 months move on to learning how to do the moves more correctly. We were all asked about any medical problems and told not to hold poses if they started to caused pain. Sadly a flare has stopped me for the time being, but even with the weeks I did I could feel it would be wonderful.

I tried Tai Chi some years ago. I had a bad back, it was supposed to be disc problems and it probably was, I had an MRI scan and cortisone epidural - two over a few years.

I tried everything. Yoga wasn't good because I got cramp in my feet while dong it, Tai Chi was awful for me. We used to start sitting on chairs in a circle and doing exercises of some sort - can't remember exactly what - then we would get up and "part the wild horse's mane". I used to have sciatica by the time we finished the seated exercises and talk and by the time I'd done the rest I wasn't able to get off the bed next morning. I don't know why it proved to be so unsuitable for me because it is reckoned to be really good for back problems.

In the end I got a terrific physiotherapist who said I had a displaced pelvis, shoved it back, started me on Pilates exercises then told me to find a good class which I did (my amazing teacher is a physiotherapist) and also recommended a good masseuse which I also did. I've been doing Pilates ever since (15years?) and haven't looked back, I've also not needed any physio to straighten me up and get me moving which is amazing really for someone who at her worst used to have to slide off the bed and go to the loo on her hands and knees.

I think there are lots of forms of exercise out there that are good for keeping you supple but different exercises suit different people's bodies. Good luck with the Tai Chi, have to say when I see people out doing it in public parks etc I always wish it had suited me better.

Yes, and yes. I've been doing a Qi Qong Tai Chi type class for a year or so, and found it very helpful for gentle exercise for joints - and for posture and balance. our instructor is very aware of problems people have with joints and always provides alternative levels of movements.

Keep on going -

weathervane in reply to janmary

The instuctor in the class ive joined appears to be good as well . She discussed all my problems and did advise me not to hold some positions for more than minute , i just just over did it myself😞. It is based in a physio clinic so i classes are all approved

I most certainly have and was a group leader for a while. I found it helped me very much with movement and co-ordination too. My teacher told me never to hold movement for too long just enough for you . It is not a competitive pastime and you should stop each movement before you feel discomfort.

I will be returning to my group soon as my broken wrist and shoulder are healed now. I did not get injured at TAI CHI that was a shopping trip. x

weathervane in reply to saskia15

Oh dear! That must have been some shopping trip!! I hope you feel better soon 😀

Please can someone let me know if there are tai chi or chi gong classes in Central West London. I'm looking but I can't find one.

Thank you

Good for you let us know if you see any benefits from it good luck

weathervane in reply to Bully915

Thank you billypam

I started Thai Chi and Qi gong in January and I have found it extremely beneficial, I ruptured a tendon in my left ankle a few years ago and still get inflammation (on/off) in my ankle; I find this exercise great gentle and strengthens. Great for upper body too and relaxation. Hope it works for you. X

Thanks trailblazer , unfortunately i had a bad flare of the bursitis in my left hip yesterday ! I don't know if it was due to tai chi , has eased a wee bit today. So will have to rest up a bit this week before I decide whether can continue with class on Friday 😒


Oh Amy ! It would be good to reach that level , i have poor co-ordination and dont know if i will ever be able to remember each step . I will need to practice, practice, practice!!! 😳

Amy_Lee in reply to weathervane

Slowly, practice makes perfect. Below link has a very good explanation of the basic. Follow his link to see the step by step, hand, hands, leg, legs then hands and legs slowly. I am going to follow to see if I can also get on with Tai Chi.

In fact, my mom has been doing Tai Chi more than 25 years. She is now 82 and she is still in very good health.


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