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Fallen arches/flat feet, is this common with RA? (lots more questions!)


It seems to have only happened in the last couples of days but I can really notice the difference.

Does anyone know, should I go see about it? who should I go to? is this permanent or can it improve? what insoles should I be looking for?

I have only started the meds (comb therapy) 3 months ago but my bloods are showing no signs of them working yet; my consultant suggested we mat start a biologic, do you think he'll wait much longer?

Also,(sorry) all this muscle wastage, can that improve? has anyone tried the tai chi for arthritis?

Last question, I was diagnosed in Jan this year during my first flare, early signs of 'flitting pain' for a year previously, This was picked up early wasn't it?

Thanks for any answers! :)

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Hi Williby

I have fallen arches and both my little toes have started to wander in the last few months, along with a couple of the others. I am awaiting appointment to see the Podiatrist. (might get it this year!) I had some insole made a couple of years back which need renewing. I also bought some and it certainly makes a difference to the pain in your feet. Ask to be referred sooner rather than later.

I had plantar faciitis which is inflammation of the tendons that run across your arches and I presumed the arches fell at that time (started about 15 years ago) I made it worse when I went from just doing gym work to what you could term fell running, where you run down across hilly and roughy old ground. I can hardly walk across it now let lone run!

I have been thinking of doing tai chi, when I get a bit more weight off as I have problems with balance at the moment, but I have been told it can help all that, posture, balance etc so if you have the chance to try, do so.

Your last question I am not so sure about but i am sure someone will. I used to have all sorts of pain in different joints particular the feet and for some reason always put it down to the planter faciitis, but I think looking at the damage in my toes (which have become more noticeable now the swelling has gone down since I started MX in december) it was probably RA all along? What exactly is picking it up early?

Take care

Julie x

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Sorry Julie, picking it up early, I meant the diagnoses of RA, in my head I make total sense!

Think I'll give the Tia Chi a go.


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Ah I see....sorry its probably me too! good luck let us know how you get on with the old TaiChi. x


Hi Wiliby, fallen arches can be a problem with RA, my feet have been the worst affected but with the help of a good foot and ankle surgeon and a good Podiatrist things are much better.

Ask to be referred to a Podiatrist most RA departments have a Podiatrist who just deals with RA patients, well mine does anyway they will help with all your feet problems and will provide insoles if needed.

Seems a little early to try biologics to me but I'm no expert and I'm sure your consultant knows what's best for you, just don't rush in discuss other avenues first I would.

I have thought about tai chi also, some people say it's a good thing I would like to know more about it.

Good luck

mand xx

Hi Wiliby, I too have the dreaded feet problem, and the arch fell quite quickly. I too was getting aches & pains moving around for a while then diagnosed by a locum (my GP thought it was stress) Anyhow, I was quickly put on plaquinil first, shortly followed by methotrexate, and then a few months later offered anti tnf to be quite honest I would have taken arsenic if I thought would help me get my life back. I can't understand why people are reluctant to use biologics? Anyway, as girls have said podiatrist will help (bye bye Flatties Hello ecco):)! Have faith in your Consultant. Change podiatrist if not happy with first one. x

How did they put it to me?! You have collapsed transverse arches (had to look it up on the internet!). Because I was in so much pain, I walked on the sides on my feet for such a long time (about 12 months). Podiatry, I'm afraid! And chiropody for those inevitable calluses (I have mine done every 3 months). God! I sound gorgeous, don't I? I asked podiatrist & chiropodist about foot massage, as I thought my husband rubbing my feet could have been doing some harm. Unlucky for him, they said it makes no difference. I bought fantastic sandals from Wynsors - Spirit Earth they're called, and I've never had anything better on my feet. I used to feel upset in shoe shops looking at beautiful heels I could no longer wear; now I think, "they look comfy!"

Andrea, I totally agree and will be checking out Wynsors , I have a closet of shoes all expensive and mostly unwearable. I look at my daughters little gladiators and flatties and feel so envious, I have to put my orthotics in my slippers to cross the room! Do Debenhams sell Wynsors or where do? Lucky you having a foot rubbing man! My hubs is freaked by feet (weirdo)! Must do a question on shoes get some ideas??


Thankyou so much for all replies and advice, Already checked out spirit earth (thanks Andrea)

I've dug out my asics, feeling better with them already.

Gina, I know what you mean feeling envious, I was watching 'the Wedding' in our local pub, well not really I spent most of the time looking at everyones lovely shoes!!


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This made me smile. bugger the dresses wot bout those shoes!!! :-)

I've always been flat footed but was only diagnosed a couple of years ago - maybe a link but who can say!?

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