Zoledronic acid infusions

Zoledronic acid infusions


Has anyone had these infusions at all. My G.p sent me for a dexa

scan 3 weeks ago. On Saturday I received a letter from the hospital to say I have an appointment on the 29th March to see a Dr for Osteoporosis and start treatment as a day case.

I have been on adcal for 18 month. Was prescribed Alendronic acid but didn't tolerate it very well. My Rheumatologist said I could stop it.

A Nurse spoke to me when I had my scan and gave me a leaflet about the infusions. Came as a bit of a shock.

Otherwise getting excited about going to Crufts on Thursday. Terrier day too looking forward to seeing the Westies being shown. Our two will be getting lots of treats brought back.

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  • I have two now. One a year of course. Takes very little time and safe to drive home after. Had no side effects at all. Worth it to protect my osteoporotic bones!

  • That sounds positive. Thank you. And good to know all is well to drive home.

    Thank you for your reply.

  • I'm afraid to say that I was very sick after it, for three days. The consultant said that such an extreme reaction was very rare indeed, so don't let it put you off. Jora

  • Oh dear I am sorry you had that reation, will you be having another one a year on ?. I wanted peoples expereinces so it is good to know. At least I can be aware.

    Thank you for replying.

  • Hi

    Just had my second infusion with no problems. Easy.

  • Great news thank you. I go on the 29th of this month, it is a Wednesday the day I inject mtx, I do not suppose it will be a problem. Could always have the mtx a day later.

    Thank you.

  • i had 3rd infusion last november didnt have any side effects at all also i was given a discharge letter so havent got to have any more till i hear but certainly nothing to worry about good luck also they gave me vitamin d shot which was good mary xx

  • That's great news and really positive. Thank you, it all sounds fairly straight forward. To be honest I think I would prefer the infusion instead of oral medication.

    Thank you

  • I've had 2 infusions with no side effects. Its easy takes about an hour, 15 mins for infusion the rest of time for setting up.


  • That sounds like a dodle. Did you have to take paracetamol on the morning? My leaflet suggest that and drinking plenty of fluid. I had my bloods done yesterday so that is done .

    Thank you

  • The DOGS ARE SO CUTE!!!!! I wish you luck with the infusions - I have never had them so no help there. I AM an expert however on cute critters - ha ha ha...

  • Thank you. The photo was taken at Christmas on holiday. Tottie has a pram. She does walk but then needs a ride. At nearly 15 and she has arthritis that is fine. Keegan is 5 so very energetic.

  • Hello moomie yes l have had two and 3rd due in April 1st one l had the shivers a few hours later dreading the 2nd but no side effects at all,l have to visit the dentist before each one because there is a slight risk to the jaw if you have invasive dental work ie extraction my dentist said l would have to go to hospital but it's worth saving your bones and you only have three,good luck Maggie

  • That doesn't sound too bad at all. Once a year is good too and only 3 infusions. I did read something about the jaw. I am under the dental hospital for secondary sjogrens and Steven Johnson syndrome. My next appointment is before the infusion so I will try to remember to mention it to them.

    Thank you yes our bones are worth looking after.

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