New to Benepali - Are side effects normal?

Hi. I started taking Benepali 5 weeks ago (on top of MTX, Leflunomide and Prednisolone) and have been feeling very tired and achy for 3 or 4 days after I inject. I am not sure if I should stick it out or contact my consultant.

Has anyone else experienced this? All of the other posts I have read were from people saying that they hadn't had any side effects at all.

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  • No I don't get any from the Benepali but I find I still get fatigue due to the methetrexate sometimes but I drink loads off water each day and find that helps a lot with side effects

  • Thanks popsmith1874. I will try drinking more to see if that helps me too.

  • I feel tired alot of the time but never sure if that's down to the injections or just the illness in general! I'm no worse straight after I have my Benepali injection though. Might be worth asking someone about it though, maybe your rheumy?

  • I do get tired from time to time. I have found that it takes about 8-10 weeks to kick in then I feel much better. Might be worth sticking with it for a bit and monitoring it.

  • I've only been on it a few weeks. Very pleased no side effects or reactions at site of injection. Already less stiff, I have AS. Do get a lot of fatigue, but had that before Benepali, so I think it's just the illness. Hoping as inflammation reduces fatigue will lessen 😁

  • Thank you mhairi54 Julezh and Runrig01. The tiredness is significantly higher than my normal RA tiredness and is at its height just after I inject. I will try to stick it out a bit longer though. I did get my first post-breakfast blood tests back and a couple of anomalies showed up. Trying not to consult "Dr Google" too much but will prob check in with my GP tomorrow (inject day +1) if I still feel rough.

    Good news though - I think that it may be working already. My hands are feeling better this in all of the last 15 months. Yeah!!

    This is this first time I have used a group like this and the feedback is really really appreciated!! Thank you!

    Off to do this weeks injection.........

  • YES!! Me too and I also thought about stopping but consultants explained that medication works on inflammatory needs first and will cause fatigue but stick with it because the fatigue will settle. I too am more mobile but by lunchtime im shattered, lose body strength and all muscles are very painful. I was actually weighing up if I prefer the RA pain or these side effects. The only reason I'm sticking with it for now is to wait..and..see...apparently at least another 8 weeks of this, I'm only week 8 now!

  • Thank you. Your advice is so reassuring. I will stick it out. I had to stop for 4 weeks and I started again 2 weeks ago. O k at the moment .............!

    We do need to live with hope and a positive attitude. Good luck. I hope it settles quickly.

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