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Hello everyone, I have had three knee surgeries in 20 months, the last with a second surgeon for a second opinion. He tells me I don't have typical osteoarthritis and is referring me to a rheumatologist. As a lot of us do, I have been on the internet trying to get information about how RA affects the mind and body. I am 3 weeks post my last knee surgery, an investigatory arthroscopy which follows bilateral micro-fracture surgery followed by a patello-femoral joint replacement on my left knee. I have in the past had pain in both heels in the morning where I could barely weight bear, pain in both shoulders, obviously my knees and at the moment in both wrists and fingers. I am also going through the menopause 🙄 so think some of the brain fog, poor memory, inability to concentrate and feeling generally worn out and tired all the time could be down to that. I just wondered if anyone else had experienced the same?

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Have you had blood tests as well? That might help with the diagnosis.


Hi old timer. In the past 2 years I've had raised ESR CRP levels but during this period was diagnosed with diverticulitis which could explain why they were raised. I've seen my GP today who said the waiting time for a rheumatology consultation is 6 to 8 weeks so I'll just have to wait. I'm not good at waiting!



Hi Vicki - One thing you will find out is that there is no clear-cut or standard set of symptoms for any of the autoimmune diseases. Testing and examinations (physical and radiology) are the only ways to tell what you have. It could potentially be RA, it may some other things, or none of them at all. I agree with Old Timer - blood tests are an important part of the diagnosis progress..


Hi CaerylUSA, I've had raised ESR CRP levels for two years but as I replied to Old Timer I was also diagnosed with diverticulitis during this time which could explain them. I'm just sooo tired and lethargic all the time, I'm struggling doing my job which is desk based and this morning could barely shower myself, dry my hair or fasten my bra. i just want a diagnosis then I can get on with my life.



Absolutely - We completely understand how you feel. We may not like the news, but we would rather know and move on...

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No, The American college of Rheumatology puts it this way:

If we assume that you have RA, for which you received methotrexate treatment, a remission is possible. Our professional association of rheumatologists, the American College of Rheumatology, has set forth certain conditions that need to be met (criteria) for remission of RA. These include:

•Morning stiffness for no more than 15 minutes

•No fatigue

•No joint pain as reported by the patient

•No joint pain on examination or with motion

•No swelling of joint tissues or tendon sheaths (linings of tendons)

•Sedimentation rate test less than 30 for a woman or 20 for a man

I suspect that for those that are not seronegative, they might look as well for in range values on the CR-p and RA Latex Factors too. I still have some pain and some fatigue, although I have found some supplements in the last couple of weeks that have helped those too while I was searching for help with my Sjogren's Syndrome (these are about 1/10th of what I take, but they seem to have addressed a need:-) )

Berberine - -Natural Antimicrobial

-Support for sugar control

-Helps lower cholesterol

-Supports heart health

-Helps prevent alzheimers

-Helps reduce inflammation

-Helps treat cancer

-Helps with weight loss

-Helps with RA

-Helps with NAFLD

Evening Primrose Oil - Moisturizes skin

-Eases respiratory disorders like asthma

-Helps treat RA

-Helps Treat SS

-Support for sugar control - Helps counteract fatigue

-Helps counter Neuropathy

Borage Oil - Moisturize skin

-Eases respiratory disorders, sore throat, and cough

-Reduces stress

-Reduces high blood pressure

-Helps treat RA

-Helps Treat SS

-Helps with healthy gums

-Helps prevent and treat Alzheimers

There are others too, but these are the most recent ones and seem to be making a difference...

Holler if questions!


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