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Help anyone?

I was diagnosed with seronegative RA last summer. I am currently on Methotrexate 25mg, prednisolone and Meloxicam for pain management. I will probably be having sulfasalazine added in a few weeks. The last few weeks, I've been really suffering with pain managemen and have been prescribed something to help me sleep. I have even resorted to buying a TENS machine to help my elbows! Any ideas or advice, please?

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Oh I remember it Well! GP are good for pain relief if its not adequate.

But easier things are hot/ cold pads You'll find which suits you best. I bought a fleet electric over blanket that I could not live without . Also you can buy a full body pillow which helps me sleep. The other trick is to lie on top of two duvets. I only then need a light sheet on top but it makes lying down comfortable. If you wrists etc are real bad ask to be referred to an OT occupational therapist. They have all sorts of gadgets that take the strain therefore cuts down effort and pain.

Once the drugs get you controlled it will ease a bit. Really bad night I sleep in a chair so I don't disturb the family but they are less now.

Good luck !


Thank. The GP has been brilliant, the Rheumatologist maybe not so brilliant. Will try your tips tonight.


Good luck.


Did you get any sleep?


Hi JaydeeM - Keep your room pretty dark, put in a white noise machine if you have a lot of street noise (I lived in San Francisco for a while and it was in the heart of the city - constant ambulances and sirens, people fighting, etc.), wear some socks to keep your tootsies warm, don't watch or read anything exciting before sleep (I read cartoon books like Pearls Before Swine). Meditate if you can. Try the Dr. Weil breathing technique (this one works extremely well for me):

Oh yea - Valerian and Chamomile tea will help too! Good Luck with your sleeping


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