Update....wow !!

Hi everyone hope you are all painfree,

No I am not going to moan today !!

Just thought I would update you all as I could not put up with all the pain I have been having over the last few weeks so I bit the bullet and got an emergency appointment yesterday with my GP.

I was given a prescription for Prednisolone and Tramadol......wow what a difference, I took the first steroid tablets this morning and now after only a few hours I can actually get out of the chair and walk almost normally again, I feel like someone new or back to my (near) normal self.

I cant believe that this has happened so quick or why I wasn't offered this by my rheumy the last time I saw her in so much pain, Me not my Consultant !!

Anyway I hope this is going to last,

Thanks everyone for listening to all my moaning over the last few weeks.

Hugs Wendy xx

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  • Great news! Enjoy the improvement, long may it last. Love Alison x

  • It's a lovely feeling when something works! As Alison has said long may it last. xx

  • Hi it is lovely when somethings works. I fInd steroids to date always work for me. hope it continues for you xx

  • hi ,so pleased for u i was in the same situation was in so much pain went to the docs today had to be signed off and was also given prednisolone and also found pain is less which is good was abit unsure takeing them but feel better x

  • That's great - enjoy it you deserve a break. Tilda x

  • it is great to be on a steroid holiday, my eight weeks is nearly up though so hope it lasts :)

  • Brilliant! Long may it last.

  • wendy I give in as well and got some steroids - just took them this morning so hopefully by the end of the weekend I will be up and about again

  • They are really working for me so i hope they do the same for you, i found a difference a few hours,

    have a good weekend,

  • Great news. I did the same as you.......went to my doc and told him I wasn't getting the pain relief I needed......I didn't ask, I told. I now have 300mg of TRAMADOL a day for pain! Keeps me going until the diaboligials start to work. Good on ya! X

  • So glad you have something to give you some relief. Hope you have a lovely pain free weekend! xx

  • Hi

    The steroids are like a miracle fix for me too. Last year I was attending my niece's wedding oin Gretna Green and wondered I would cope with the journey and the weekend and I went to the Doctor's and was prescribed 8 presnisdalone a day for 5 days and I had a wonderfu. weekend and was the last one dancing at home time.


  • Great news,xx

  • Me too got a steroid jab last week, what a difference! An getting more for the next few months, great but chin swelling as I speak lol xx

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