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Doctor at Pain Clinic

I hope everyone is feeling as well as can be.

I went to see the doctor after he did the burning of the nerves that was done on the 1st Nov 16. When I was called in it was by a doctor I had not seen before and he had no Idea about me. He kept looking at the notes and writing things down and said very little to me. Then my doctor came in and said to me hi trouble. I looked at him as it was only the second time I had met him. He then took over from the other doctor and I told him that the procedure he had done had not been successful as I was still in pain and because when my last appointment was due to see him he was off ill. So I could not stand the pain anymore so I book privately to see my other doctor to have steroids injections and they have reduced the pain but it is still early days and he agreed. I went on to say to him if they did not work what else could be done. He examined me and I told him where I was sore then he just sat down and started writing again and I said to him could you please tell me what is wrong with me as when he pressed on my back legs and bottom he just said to me I'll tell you in a minute. I sat there quietly while he was still writing. Then he sat back on chair and folded his arms and said to me there is no more I can do for you. I said to him that I feel in this day and age there is always something that can be done to get people out of pain. I also said I am a young woman and I want my quality of life back. I have never been so cross with a doctor in all my life. He went on to tell me that they will not do steroid injections on the NHS and if I had been quick enough I would've said to him that he had done this as part of my operation on the NHS. So I knew he was contradicting himself. He said to me I did say to you in the beginning that I could only reduce the pain not take the pain away. I said to him that I have spoken to a couple of this patience when I was in the waiting room waiting for my procedure and both of them said to me that they were out of pain One for three years and the other one for a year and his reply was they were probably high on the stuff he gave him and he looked at the other doctor with a smile. So I said to the other doctor what pain relief are you giving to them he never replied. I asked him again was there any other pain relief he could give to me. He replied no as I was on dihydrocodeine paracetamol neuro fen and pain patches. So everything was very matter of a fact with him. Before I left I said to him I will find a way to get out of pain even if I have to pay for it there has to be away. He replied as I got up to leave I wish you all the luck in finding what you're looking for in a very smug way. I was so angry and upset at the way he treated me as I got the feeling that I was just put on the rubbish pile. I have got to see my private doctor on the 28th of this mth so I am going to run all this past him as he is a spine specialist and it will be interesting to hear what he has to say. It makes me so cross that when you pay they can do a lot more for you and quicker. Yet if you are waiting on the NHS the treatment can be so different. But I must say that all my treatments that I have had have been very successful except for this doctor. It makes me wonder how this doctor treats other patients. If they leave him and except what he says. I really feel for them and it's so wrong. End of rant.

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Hi Jan - sounds like that dr needs to find another job. Awful experience but don't let that impact you. I had a dr last week say to me as I walked in in utter pain With tears. Having asked her to check my blood pressure and weight check, she coldly exclaimed, I'm sorry but your time is up we only have 8 minutes". I was astounded! Vile woman. Paid into the health service all my life, never had a dr tell me that before. I have written a letter of complaint as I do not want to be put in front a cold empathetic person like that. If you feel strongly write a letter of complaint. Wishing you well.

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Hi Hessie5

Thank you for your reply. I can't get that doctor of my mind he was so blaza and smug. It is really offal when we have to come over doctors like that. I can't believe a doctor told you that you only had 8 minutes. I once had a doctor tell me that I needed to make another appointment when I told her I was there for 2 different things. So I changed my GP and now I have a lovely GP thank god. The thing I keep thinking about is when he lifted up the bottom of my bum and said does this hurt I just feel that this was not right. I did tell him that the muscles in my bottom gets really tense and hurts. But it was the way he did it and it made me feel a little uncomfortable. If I had to write a letter I would not know who to send it to. This was the first time in my 61 years that I have ever been treated like this and ever felt uncomfortable with a doctor. I hope that you are not feeling to bad Hessie and all is good with you. Take good care. Jan101 xxx😒


Hi Jan - Sorry that you had to go through that. That doc is a jerk for sure, and honestly, he has a lot of company. I'm glad you got a new GP.. yeah - I know what you mean about him lifting your bum up like that. I've had docs do things when I was younger that I would not tolerate at this point. Hugs and pain free days


Hi CaerylUSA

Thank you for your reply. Yes it's terrible that some doctors can treat you the way they do. I am happy to hear that you don't put up with it now. I am going to mention it to my GP and my private doctor he is a spine specialist and I am sure he will not be happy. I hope that you are as well as you can be. Take good care my friend. Jan xxxx


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