What is the best pain killer?

Hi. Can anyone please tell me the the options(tablet) i have for the pain i have. I do not want to take co-codamol as i developed an addiction to them amongst other things(and have found myself in a rehab) ive gone for four months now without any pain management apart from Naproxen but i guess that's just for inflamation. I give in to this pain ive had so have appointment with Dr this tuesday 7th.

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  • I'm sorry but would not be able to suggest anything as I have no idea what is available for anyone and really only a medical professional can advise you. However I use wheat bags and ice. Don't buy the ones in supermarkets proper wheat bags are on the internet and are cheap too. I'd suggest a bag of frozen peas works well and is readily available. I hope your GP can help o the 7th.

  • I second wheat bags because of the moist heat. I also recommend compression gloves.

  • Different painkillers work on different types of pain, so you really need to discuss with GP. As you say, the naproxen helps reduce inflammation so helps pain caused by that. Similarly other drugs work more on nerve pain, or muscle relaxants and so on. You need to work out if the pain is caused by joint damage, swelling, tight muscles, poorly aligned joints etc etc.

    But don't forget all the non chemical approaches. As ML says heat and cold can help. So can wax baths, supportive pillows and splints. And my favorite is exercise and stretches. Particularly for my back pain I find that drugs really don't do much good - but the right exercises are immensely helpful.

  • I take 2 paracetamol 4 times a day, along with etoricoxib (aroxia) once a day -60mg.

  • You might like to consider a TENS machine - it's often possible to have one on loan from a chemist and see if it helps.

  • Second TENS. Brilliant when my shoulder flares. Really helps as I don't like taking opiods if im driving my 4 year old twins around.

  • Hi can u try ibuprofen ? They say to take 400 mg max but I have read you can take up to a dose of about 800-1200mg safely. Also Celebrex worked quite well for me.

    It's so hard as sometimes nothing touches the pain.... Can u get on a dmard?

  • You can't take ibuprofen and naproxin as they are the same.

  • First congrats for being in recovery, do you trust your GP have found over time this is a good starting point. Wheat bag (Amazon) Tens machine, bag of peas,

  • Thankyou all for your feedback. Will chat to dr.

  • Remember the best pain killer will have the worst side effects also. So be careful.

  • Hello Frechfield, I use Tramodol & Ibuprohen together. That works for me. Hope this helps & hope u get to feeling better🌻

  • Tramadol and paracetamol together is also very effective. Best of luck finding something that helps- chronic pain, with no relief, really gets you down

  • If Tramadol is the same as Zapain which I take sometimes then its a definite no to Paracetamol with it. Check with your GP please.

  • Tramadol is absolutely safe to take with paracetamol. It is commonly taken together.


  • Somebody above said Tramadol is the same as Zapain, I don't know as never had Tramadol but Zapain which I take is a no, no with paracetamol as it contains it with Codeine. Hence my comment check with a GP its easy to OD on paracetamol.

  • I totally understand your concern.

    I have been prescribed tramadol and paractetemil to be taken Together by both hospital and gp and have been on this for over two years. I don't know if tramadol is the same as zapain, it would be new to me and it is not something I've been made aware of but I am 100% confident in the safety and efficacy of tramadol and paracetamol together as pain relief.

    But as I say, I do understand your concern and I would totally agree in terms of the dangers re paracetamol and if any doubt about any drugs, the need to contact gp or appropriate medical personnel .marie

  • I am unable to take Ibruprofen or however its spelt ! lol. As I take Riveroxaban for clotting issues down to RA so my concern is that even the most common everyday medications even OTC can do real harm to some. I broke my arm a couple of years ago and was given Cocodamol I again don't know what was in it but it worked although I think it was because it put me to sleep for long periods. The real issue is that what may work for one does not for another and all have risks.

  • Absolutely agree. And whilst I can say what works for me. I would never advise what anyone should take - that's for health professionals to decide.


  • From NHS site;

    Paracetamol is often used with stronger painkillers (analgesics). These include Tramadol. This gives more pain relief.

  • Tramadol and paracetamol were prescribed for me when I had a severely broken shoulder and in considerable pain for many months as I couldn't tolerate morphine. Bear in mind that Tramadol is a chemical morphine substitute and addictive.

    Have you been referred to a pain control clinic or group. Pain is more severe when you are anxious or tense, the right excercise can help as can other non drug therapies. In my day to day management of RA pain I regularly use splints, anti inflammatories, paracetamol, ice packs, hot water bottle wrapped in a towel, meditation/relaxation.

    See if your GP can refer yournto a pain management group, you may find this helps.

  • Hi. Its not wise for me to take paracetamol. As ive abused my liver over the years(before diagnosis for R.A)

  • Over counter like Motrin or Opiates like Codein or Oxycodone & then you have the off label use of drugs used for Diabetics nerve pain .

    Depends on how ad pain is & the cause Only your Dr can tell you what to take

    After 30 years of pain I learned to try anything that helps Chiropractic Acupuncture Moist heat Stretching Relaxation TENS Massage / on meds always use least amount more isn't always better

    Ice first 48 hours then heat after that.

    Naproxen works but do not take it for more than a month 2 at the most NSAIDS can destroy your stomach.

    Pain is like a bad penny that keeps turning up and you don't know why. Stay positive and be smart

  • Sorry didn't read entire post / stay away from Opiates.

    Learn bio feedback-- use music Relaxation Massage is great.

    Get in good physical shape Find a hobby you ❤️ and focus on positive things only

    The mind is powerful so use it

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