I have told you all about one leg feeling longer than other the worst being the right leg knee and ankle well last night i thought the better leg hip was going to come out walking on it no lubrication it feels like in legs and now hip joint cant be the antibiotics im sure of that But ive learned one joint goes out and the other tries to carry it. anyone on here experience this

Im going in for a look in my knee next month and im looking at can this better leg carry the other when this knee has been looked into and will my big toe go any worse after that is done If i had had it done six months ago i could have managed it now i dont know and pre op is on the 20th march should i get this knee looked into or not ? anyone felt this bad and had a knee looked into.

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Tell them everything when you have your pre op and ask them to check everything!

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I'd say if it is causing such pain and you feel it impacts the "good" leg then yes, you need to get it checked out?

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