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Ra sufferer

Hi all sometime ago I had a right knee replacement i. believe they could have dane a better job I can straigten it when I am lying down but not wben I am Standing up I dont know if this is due to lack of exercise or faulty kmee replacement I k know there has beem a lot of issues with knee replacements I am also to have a left knee replacement I am afraid that I might have to have the right knee done again. I am hopimg they can fix the right knee wit physio I am presently wheelchair bound I would appreciate your response ams anyome who. Has had similar issues

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I have the same problem with knee replacement. Mine was 7 years ago and, after recovering with full bend and straightening, it started to stiffen up during physio. I had manipulation under anesthetic which did nothing and I was told it was either keep the knee as it was or have an even bigger op to replace it with another one. I took the cowards way out and thought that I would rather limp while pain free. I use a stick, but would have to do anyway with my RA. I am elderly and live alone so any further problems I keep to myself as I don't want to be accused of being a bed-blocker (such as other knee and hips). I have been happy to limp along but depending on your age and lifestyle its a big thing to think about. I hope you have someone to talk it through with and that you can make a decision soon. Best of luck. W


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