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Work Frustration


Hello all,

Hope you are managing to keep warm and comfortable. Apologies in advance for my little rant but I just need to vent.

For anyone who has been following my posts recently, you will know that my health has been trixie of late. I was unsure if I should return to work after 4 weeks off and, despite some fellow community members advice to stay home, I did return to work unable to shake the guilt of not working. Since being back I have been so utterly bored! I work in a teaching theatre and support 4 lecturers with the creating of theatre sets. A lot of the job is practical which I can't do at the moment but there is still a lot I can do to support the department, however, I feel like no-one wants to let me do anything. I send an email out every day to ask about the schedule and assistance needed for the week and I get blanked by everyone. In our weekly meeting, the lecturers don't even look at me they only address my colleague (who does the same job as me). It is really frustrating, I feel I don't exist. I am left in the office with nothing to do trying to create work to keep busy.

It can take all my effort to get up in the morning, get the swelling in my knee down and commute to work. (I have two torn cartilages in my right knee and am awaiting surgery). I feel I could cope a little better if I was going in for a reason otherwise what is the point?

I am leaving the job in a week and a half to start a less physically stressful job as a designer but I was keen to work out the last of my notice as opposed to just taking it sick but I'm so annoyed I wish I had just stayed home.

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You are leaving - so why should they include you in future planning? They are behaving like most people do in that situation, I'm afraid! And with the added underlying feeling that you have been off sick and may not be up to doing what you were doing before - they are feeling that they should be kind and considerate but not sure how to do that, so they don't give you an active role.

Frustrating for you when you have struggled in to work, but make the most of it!

Suki1088 in reply to oldtimer

Yes I guess you are right. I'm not really coping with my health being so noticeable. I have done my best to hide it and do as much as everyone else for the last 2 years because I didn't want people to make up their own minds as to what I can and can not do. Being 'unwell' is not me. I feel stripped of my armour.

Suki1088 in reply to Suki1088

Typo *12 years not 2

Cut your losses Suki as they've made their stance clear to you. Take time out for you and hit your next job in a stronger physical and mental condition - think of it as a well earned holiday (are you actually owed any days holidays?) maybe find a spa pool you could spend a day at or read those books you've been longing to read. Do some gentle home exercises that may help or just wrap up warm and duvet day it (so long as that won't get you down).

Do take care of you.


Suki1088 in reply to Ali_H

Thanks Ali, I might consider it. I hate that I still feel guilty if I don't go in. It really eats away at me. Not healthy I know.

Multijo in reply to Suki1088

Give up feeling guilty. It took me till my 50 s to do that but wow. What a terrific feeling.

Think of it as helping your colleagues out because there will be some who are very uncomfortable with the current situation and you being off sick will relieve them of the pressures of divided loyalties.

All the best


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