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Hi all just wanted to ask your thoughts about my work, my sick certificate runs out on sunday my work have just called and asked if I am returning to work next weekend the weekend of the 10th when I said I didn't know yet she said she would get it covered I think this is a bit off as I am still off sick and wont know if I am able to return yet I don't know how I am going to feel in the next hour let alone next weekend ....xx

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  • hi its very difficult but I am sure you would rather be at work than get ra I wish people would be more understanding of ra hope you feel better soon

  • Hi there thanks for responding, I do have RA and OA and I do work I have just had I period of sickness that's all just annoyed at my works response to me returning. xx

  • The employer has to get cover for someone off sick, they cannot just have the work not done, so I am sorry but have to agree that although you are not a mind reader and know when you can get back to work, your employer has to ensure that he has a worker. It is an awkward situation..... my hubby is a manager and gets into the situation when some one is off ill, he must get cover, or if he cannot, then the others have to do more work. A person maybe ill for a long long time, but he cannot employ anyone else..and then HE gets in trouble because targets are not met

  • hi there thanks for responding I just think that they should wait till my sick period finished before they ask me about work and I told them if they feel they are unable to wait till Tuesday then cover me. x after its an agency I work for so cover shouldn't be a problem nor are they paying me sick pay xx

  • Lets hope you are well very soon, it is awful when you really do not know how you will be even one day ahead..I might be good, I might be absolutely awful x

  • very true lab-lover thanks for your response I value every ones opinion even if sometimes its not what we want to hear lol xx

  • I do get a lot of backlash because I do say as I feel, lol, nice when someone actually does not take it as a personal insult :) x

  • I think you should stick to your guns and you did the right thing because no one knows how long the pains last, also I think your bosses are only covering their backs until they know when you are returning, catch 22 situation unfortunately,


  • Hi thanks Philip, I know its down to me to tell them when I intend to return to work but I have a few days left to see how I feel I don't to say yes and then next week my GP tells me I am not fit for work. I really do understand that they have to cover me but as an agency they have lots of staff to cover at short notice but I don't think Tuesday is to late for next weekend do you ? xxxx

  • i agrree tuesday is not too late but you would need acert to cover you from last dayof prevoius one emplyers make me sick when they persicute peeps when off sock good luck and hope you feel better soon xxxxx

  • Thanks binlid, for your response made me smile haven't here that word peeps for a while lol xx

  • It's a very tricky situation,

    I have RA so know just what you mean about not knowing how you will feel this afternoon never mind next week, I do hope you feel better soon, from the other side of the coin as a manager, i have someone who has been sick for 3 weeks, his fit note runs out on Saturday as we run a 24 hour service I would expect him to be back at work on Sunday, so I rang him just to see how he was and if he thought he might be back, because of the bank holiday he is not seeing GP till Tuesday so because of the wording in his contract (and that's the important bit every company should have a sickness and absence policy) he is considered as being absent on Sunday and Monday so won't get sick pay, might be worth checking the wording on your company's policy,

    A good manager would be supportive and keep in touch just to see how you are, and can towards the end of a fit note ask if you are feeling up to returning, anything more could be seen as harassment, I hope your feeling better real soon

    Jen xx

  • Hi jenwight, thanks for responding, I do understand it from both sides I really do I just stupidly thought that after working for them for 7 years that they would phone to see how I am but no and they don't pay sick pay either because I don't do enough hours, if it wasn't for the wonderful people/clients I would chuck in the job. xx

  • Oh that's just so bad, I always phone my staff to see how they are if they are off more than a few days, and only ask about return to work towards the end if their fit note.

    when you work in the care sector at the very least you should care about your staff as well, even if they don't care I hope you start to feel better soon xxx

  • Thanks Jen, its a shame they don't care that's why there is a lot of crises in this sector because people are not bothered about others. So very sad really.xx

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