pressured to reduce my hours

Hi everyone I started back to work last week after 7 months off being diagnosed with RA and needing a hip replacement. I reduced my hours as agreed but now my area manager has approached me to tell me that they have to cut my hours yet again and are reducing them from 25 hours per week to13 hours. Also they know about my hip replacement and car accident back in March this year and expect me to drive to different branches all over the northwest of England. I explained to them about the fatigue I experience and that's why I agreed in the first place to reduce my hours. Also I don't like driving long distances. I think (I know) they are trying to get me to finish up .I've worked for this company for over 20 years. I'm absolutely heart broke.

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  • Have you contacted the NRAS Helpline to talk this through with them? They might have some ideas as to how this can be handled to your satisfaction?

    And, yes, after 20 years, the feeling of betrayal would be hard to take. I remember years ago that someone quoted to me, "Just because you're loyal to a company don't ever make the mistake of thinking they'll be loyal to you. They have shareholders to satisfy". Sad but true.

  • I will contact NRAS tomorrow, I was so upset I couldn't speak. I am also in a union so will contact them also. I'm worried that the company will make things difficult for me and try to force me to give up my job. Thank you for your advice.

  • Are you able to contact a union representative. Is so do..if not join one!

    Your company should make reasonable adjustments under the disability act to help you chronic condition. So driving would not help you.

    Talk to NRAS and a union and don't let them bully you into submission.

    You have the right to work as much as you did before your illness.

    Good luck x

  • Thank you so much for your reply. I was so shocked at her behaviour. I'm in a union and will contact them asap. x

  • I had similar pressure and my rep soon pointed out the law and they then have gave me equipment, new deal and chairs, rest time and more support .

  • Spoke to my union rep today. And she's not very pleased about the way things have gone with me. Thank you so much for your reply.

  • I'm really sorry this is happening to you. It's a huge drop in hours too. Please ask for a meeting with your manager and your union rep. I also hugely recommend phoning ACAS, they are able to give very good advice.

  • Thank you for your reply,I had a very interesting chat today with my new manager. She was shocked at the way my area manager spoke to me and advised me to ring my union rep.

  • Shame on your area manager for dictating what they need to do to/ for you since your return to if they are out to help you understand the disability laws of your contry. Ignor the fool, and seek advice from your union and / or a disability advocate

    I know you feel hopeless and are too tired to fight but please understand that you live in a fist world country that has laws to protect you.....It is just so upsetting to keep reading posts about manager's dictating what is right for you, AND not what your country's disability laws state.

    I been through the same thing & guess what? My boss discovered that he is a fool..... time to start educating these bosses that are nothing more than "bullies".

    I wish you peace. You shall be able to hold your head up high with the advice of your union.


  • Thank you so much for your support. I had an interesting chat with my new manager today , She was appalled at the way my area manager spoke to me and advised me to speak to my union rep and the occupational health people. I told them everything and they are looking in to it. I'm supposed to be on a phased return . x

  • Occupational Health is your lifeline when you are on a phased return to work. I've been on a phased return to work since May. My doctor informs Occupational Health on what I can do & how many hours. For hours I don't work, my sick leave plan pays me.

    Educate yourself on your disability laws & your employers disability plan....but don't ask OH or your job, they might think you are trying to pull a scam.

    Since you belong to a union, I would look up your contract and investigate your "sick leave" plan. I looked up mine & discovered I can be on a "phased" return to work plan until the age of 65. I am 51 now. (Canadian retirement age is 65) . I do not intend to be on this phased return to work plan for 14 years, ...but knowing that I can has reduced my stress level.

    All the best to you

  • That's brilliant Sue. I will look into it. I've ended up having a fare up , my GP sent me for tests and told me I have Sjogren's syndrome, That's all I need. I left work early I felt like crap. xx

  • Once I got it into my head that my job had to "reasonably accommadate me" as stated by the disability act of Canada, everything is good now. My boss knows better than to harass me anymore.

    Also know that Canada's laws are based on UK laws. Infact all 1st world country's have similar laws for the disabled. Not the exact laws, but very similar.

  • Thank you so much for your advice Sue,x

  • I'm shocked! Some people are so ignorant. Nothing else to add to the good advice you've already been given. Just stand your ground, speak to your union, and know your rights! You have a right to be treated equally. Really hope that you get some support soon. Take care. Mhairi

  • Thank you so much for your reply. I had an interesting chat today with my new manager about the way my regional manager spoke to me. Apparently she was not allowed to talk to me in that way as I was still on a phased return. I've also spoken to my union rep.x

  • Hi, I contacted Citizens Advice Bureau when I was having problems, along with my union. I was informed that if you are struggling they have to make reasonable adjustments and they cannot just say they have, they have to prove this. If this fails they have to go back and try again. Also equal opportunities come into this. My advice is to keep fighting for your rights. I know this is difficult at a time when you have returned to work, maybe feel anxious or nervous and exhausted, but if you can, do. Wish you all the luck with it. Candy

  • Thank you. I had a very interesting chat today with my new manager. She could not believe what my regional manager was saying to me and advised me to talk to occupational health and my union rep. I will keep you posted, x

  • So pleased, it's such a relief isn't it when you talk with someone who is empathic and is with you. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. x

  • Thank you.x

  • Cool. Keep up the good fight!

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