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Another useless day

Hello everyone

Just to warn you - the following content may contain a lot of moaning!!!

Woke up hands swollen painful, arm hurting blah blah blah!!!...... Had to get partner to pop out painkillers out of foil as hands hurt too bad!!!

Felt really down and then realised I was mourning the loss of another day in chores done, no walk taken, no getting dressed!!!!

After 7 months of waiting...feel very resentful to nhs....... Yesterday went to a education session for cimzia where nurse will finally release prescription .......and she kept saying how lucky we were to have a biologic.... I wanted to strangle her!!! After 7 months of having no life I do not feel that lucky ...when I know nhs could have reduced that time dramatically by being more efficient......your life stops doesn't it when the meds stop working doesnt it?

Right moan over!!!!

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Hope you feel better soon

I really understand how you feel

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Got to agree with you there in terms of the initial faffing around before prescribing. You're having a rubbish time of it lately. I sincerely hope that's changes for you soon.

Chin up



Hi Phoo2

So sorry to hear you're having a rough time - I'm going through one myself at minute so can completely sympathise with you. As for your hands not being able to get your pills out,have you spoken to your GP and pharmacist about getting a blister pack done?? Not sure if you know what I'm on about,so I'll explain just incase - before I finally had the correct meds(some days even now it still happens) I just didn't have the grip or strength to push my pills through the blister packs each time,and that was with using one of those little popper tools too. The GP suggested a blister pack,it's where the gp and pharmacist speak to each other about the medication you're on,and the pharmacist takes control of re-ordering your 'scripts each month,and puts them into a disposable weekly pill organiser,all sorted into what pills you should be having and at what time,they'll also have a list of what the meds are,and what time they should be taken,along with a description for safety sake too. They also arrange delivery each month too.... makes this one hassle not an issue anymore..... although they can't by law touch your CD pills if you have any,so you'll still need to dish those out each day,but the blister pack,once filled by the chemist is then sealed with a very easy to break plastic film - it really does make the difference on the days when you're describing above. And as for the pills they couldn't add in,I just got a smaller dosette box and my other half used to sort those ones out for the week for me too,that way if I was in a bad way with my hands,I could pretty much guarantee that I'd manage to get my pills regardless - I found it's not something they usually offer unless you specifically ask(normally because the chemists are so understaffed and are full to the brim with patients already on their delivery routes,but that's not your issue) so if it's something you think could help you,then pester your gp for it,explaining how even with help you still can't always get your meds due to the mess your hands can be in at times(it doesn't hurt to stretch the truth now and then if needed!) fingers crossed they can get it sorted for you.... like I said,may only seem a small help,but it makes a huge difference knowing you'll be able to get your pills out at the correct times,and not miss doses. I found it took about 4-6 weeks for it all to get sorted,but now I just take a delivery once a month,signing to say I've got them .... no more trudging down to the Drs or chemists to stand around for ages while they faff around getting things ready for you.

Hope this helps,and I also hope your days start to get better soon

Nicki x


I use scissors just pock a hole..easy , I no my knuckles hurt bad today after I thought my med was starting to work..I guess it can than still have a bad day. Hope it's not another flare up . Had one two weeks ago. Feel better . I no like I say when someone tells me that. I say thank you. But whisper I never do..I'm up again it's 3 am. Why I say. I'm exhausted why not sleep till morn..but two hours than I sweat and panic till it wakes me up..I don't no if I should switch meds already ..give it more time. Or this is what it's like. New to RA. THANK for reading .


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I know those feelings well lol I find it all frustrating when you just know if you get right meds you l live a reasonable lifestyle again ,right now my left hand not content with swelling /pain now decided stop moveing extremly painful too early in day it was the right hand one but we just have to keep plodding on hope your feeling much better soon

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