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I am from australia I have had a right knee replacement it is ok but I think it could have been done better but I think due to struggling with exercise afterwards thats has had a little impact I am supposed to have a left knee replacement it does have to be done but I am a. little scared even though they say thimgs have improved with knee replacement. I would like to know other peoples experience

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Hi rocky

I had simultaneous bilateral total knee replacements ( both done together at the same time) about 18 months ago. It was hard work. Probably the most painful recovery ( had both hips replaced together 3 months before knees!) and it took me a good couple of months to feel I was getting anywhere near where I needed to be re mobility.

However, they're pretty good now. I did have a fantastic surgeon ( he did my hips and knees) and he used titanium and ceramic. He also used a robot ( computerised something or the other) in surgery so things were much more accurate etc. Whilst the scars were lengthy, they were very thin and have healed brilliantly - I'd still confidently wear shorts !

It's an operation that's done so often nowadays and they have come so far re surgery that I think you have nothing to be overly concerned about.

Not sure if that's any help whatsoever but nonetheless, that's been my experience and I wish you all the very best going forward.



Thank you marie your words are helpful

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I have had friends and family get knee replacements and everyone says the same thing - that it is well worth it. My mother says that she is not allowed to kneel now but feels it is a small price to pay for the freedom and pain relief she feels. Good luck with yours!


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