There are Angels out there 😊

Greetings all - I am writing this with a very sore stiff left arm, feet that are on fire arghh. Who would have thought that getting out of bed could prove so darn stressful. This health hump in my life leaves me reeling with frustration. However, positive thoughts soon shine through.

My quick story. Has anyone ever experienced a moment when a stranger reaches out to help you?

I conduct a market stall on a Saturday, It can be gruelling. It involves carrying heavy bags to and from the car. (I know not a good call but have now had to reduce days, I have customer's who rely on me).

Yesterday I was transporting heavy bags back to my car, it involves a 5-8 minute walk (that is like climbing Mount Everest when you have RA like mine, it has struck mainly in my ankles and feet! Boy was I struggling 😬. Out of nowhere this lovely lady came up and begged that she helped me. Wow I was so happy and relieved. This was a busy street with so many others folks who just walked on by. I wasn't and do not expect anyone to help.

She shared with me her story and pain suffered with her joints like mine, which happened out of the blue. I must confess this lady looked fab! She was prescribed Predinosone. What's rather odd about this story, this is the same medication my Rhemo prescribed for me recently to conquer this current bout of pain - however, I simply could not face more drugs that guise my pain. I resort to putting up with the pain or taking paracetamol if desperate. I do take methrotrexate 6 x 2.5 per week of, which I have been taking for 7 weeks now.

Her story did struck a chord with me. Perhaps her meeting was a sign. I am now debating if to get going with the predinosine. She insisted I should take it.

She walked back with me as I needed to collect one more box, and lo and behold my fantastic son showed up. He had thoughtfully taken the train down to help me! Not sure why but I cried and cried - I hugged her and thanked her - she said to my son - 'look after you mum'. (I am blessed to have a great family support).

I sure didn't want my son see me cry, he puts on a brave face but I know deep down he worries about me with RA. (I certainly worry about him worrying about me lol!)

It was so reassuring to know there are kind caring people in this world, I call them my angels.

We certainly have our grey days, but the sun does shine though, and it certainly did for me in meeting this thoughtful, selfless, caring individual.

Have a great week all 🤗 - virtual hugs and tons of blessings. - Hessie x

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What a wonderful experience, meeting such a lovely lady. I expect she was also very happy to have made your day. Good wishes to you and your dear family. X

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Sometimes just a word lifts the spirit,but this lady did it for you and then you find out she is a sufferer of some pain and low and behold your day seems brighter then to make it better your son shows up. Lovely boost to your day darling.xxxxxx

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It was lovely to read your story. There are lots of kind people out there. Sometimes it's just hard to open up and not think nobody will understand. I very glad you had this experience. Big hugs.


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