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Off Topic -La Coruna Sunrise

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Two years a hermit. The longer I stayed in, the harder it became to see anyone. Two years indoors on my own. Things needed to change.

Here I am on a cruise. 🛳🛳 I came alone and having the best time. A hermit no more.

I had to push myself as I'm in a flare. Doc eventually gave me a months course of steroids so here I am. Hobbling, but no one else cares and they walk at snails pace with me from the restaurant to the bars.

Have I managed to get off the ship? Well no. Does that matter? Not at all.

My Mum always said there's no such thing as can't and that's my mantra too.

I would upload a pic of the sunrise but internet doesn't have enough oomph 🤣

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Good on you HKG.….life has to go on….so we must all grab it …just like you have!Have a wonderful time ….& get booking that next trip!!!

Hahaha. May book another whilst I'm on board

Fabulous place - visited several times as I used to have family there. The seafood is fantastic - I still salivate when I remember gambas a la plancha 😋

Only if they give you a good discount!

Good for you , enjoy🤗

Well done you. Sounds like you’ve gone direct from hermit (nothing wrong with hermits though if that’s what floats your boat) to social butterfly and loving it. You look great. ☀️

Awww, thank you ❣

Good for you. I hope you have a really great time. x

😁go girl .. enjoy xx

Have a great time! Wish I was there👍😎🧡

YAY have a great time - me just going to see a friend in London last week was my thing! Wiped me out for a few days but worth every minute! x

Fabulous - enjoy - sounds amazing 💕

Enjoy 🚢🍹

😎🍻..have the best time ever deserve it xx

Have an amazing time

Enjoy yourself and be a HappykindaGal! ☺️

Wow well done, glad you are having a good time

Well done you, since my husband passed away I have been on several coach holidays alone, there is always someone to pal up with. It annoys me when friends who still have partners tell me how brave I am to go alone and that they wouldn't do it, but I still want to go places as long as I can.

Hope you have a great time. I need to give myself that push 😆

Do it! The worst bit is boarding and first few hours. Then you're at dinner and chatting with new friends

I can imagine. I think once we get out there things start to feel normal again.

Brilliant, I love cruising. Can I ask which cruise company you used and where you went to? The ones I have looked at for singles are very expensive compared to when I have travelled with others.

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Passion for cruising. They have a Facebook group and get the most incredible deals

I’ve had a look… what’s the food like?? May go for it.. 🍹

It's ok. Loads of options. Not Michelin standard, but it's not Michelin prices

Enjoy your cruise. A friend of ours took herself off on a cruise when her marriage ended. Among others she palled up with a Michigan couple & their son, who was recently divorced. A few months later she moved over there (we thought she was mad!). They've been happily married over 20 years now, living in the middle of nowhere & settled into the life.

Not been as far west as A Coruña but have stayed in San Sebastián which we love. Quite expensive comparatively but lovely & green. Some areas on approach through the mountains remind us of Switzerland. On our first trip up there Vangelis' Conquest of Paradise was playing, the mountains soaring above us, my little open top car, it was quite moving.

Hope things stay calm!

Wow! What a story. I went to a speciality restaurant last night with a very nice chap. A ships Captain, but not this ship. Don't buy the hat just yet though 😆

Excellent. We chose to do the same with a cruise over new year 👍 After 18 months we decided that life is for living .. you only get one. Enjoy the rest of your cruise. Xx

Have a wonderful time 🍹🛳💕💕

Well done girl, enjoy yourself. I'm in a similar position, advised not to to drive, become withdrawn and depressed BUT have just booked a couple of day trips and looking to book some more.🐕🐕👍

I am venturing out this year, though still in the UK. Have had a few holidays so far; feels like I am returning to myself. Have a lovely holiday. My legs don’t always work, but I am still somewhere else 😎. The sea really is good for you..

Fabulous 😎

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