Re summoned by DWP

Well the news is my wonderful MP intervened, she basically told DWP i wont be going, so now they have contacted me by phone and said that they will contact me on the day by telephone, for all some of us may say or think of our MPs i can only say mine has been kind, considereate and very productive. So on the 31st i will know more and will post it here.


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  • Hope everything turns out well for you xxx

  • Thank you, im almost certain it will now be ok because they have been slapped down and will back off, but i will not be letting this go, because they will still be terrifying others and not everyone is as resourceful as i am or has such a great MP. This practice needs to stop, so when mine is finished i will be asking my MP to put in an official complaint.

  • Great news xxxx

  • Its a start, but we have to stop this happening to people, they cannot be threatening people like this, none of us that genuinely need help are here from choice.


  • Thank you for making a stand. Not just for yourself but everyone who goes through this traumatic procedure. X

  • Thank you for your support, we all need to stand up for each other.


  • You need to volunteer for citizens advice!!

  • Allanah i would love to and i enquired, but i have no chance of being well enough to attend the training,. So i look after 2 families locally, doing what i can to help.

  • Aw that's so nice of you xxx

  • Thats nice of you to say but i have a comfortable adapted flat in a care facility and i only need each week what i need to get by, theres no point in me saving for a holiday because i couldnt go, so the way i look at it is if i cant change my life then helping where its needed especially needed by a child is something i cant ignore. But to be fair it is also partly selfish, because it is far easier to spend time taking on someone elses problems than to face the reality of your own.


  • Is there not a chance they can get your RA under control or if u don't mind me asking do u have other illnesses too?

    I've been sick since March 2011 and not found the right drug to really get to grips with my RA . BUT I'm forever hopeful and start s new Infusion next week!

    I'm lucky I have my hubby and kids that can come and help and I do make sure I get out even if it kills me lol 😂 Although my main help is a charity called Attitude is Everything. They help people with long term illness, disability or deafness get to festivals and gigs , so I can still get to my hobby( there's no way I could carry my tent etc on my back 2 1/2 hrs into Glastonbury in the mud without their help ( letting me drive into the disabled site where they put my tent up for me!!) maybe there's a charity in your area to meet others in your circumstances ( indeed an NRAS support group ..... oooh you are perfect to start one up if not!!!!)

    I love kids too they add so much joy to your life don't they!

    Glad you stood your ground and I cross fingers for you getting out and about!

  • You are so posative and it great to see you can make headway if you can battle on good luck

  • Thank you i intend to try.

  • Really pleased to hear that. Wishing you a positive outcome .

  • So good to hear, my MP has been to visit me at home and I m keeping him up to date with all that is happening in my life with Health, care support, PIP nd personal budget

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