last week I decided on the qt to start taking Turmeric 500mg x 2 daily ,mainly due to the fact I have been unable to restart my MTX due a current ongoing infection, which resulted in a stay in hospital late last year.

Anyway today I saw my GP, who remarked that I seem to be moving a lot easier than previously, I told him what I was taking and he seemed pleased, now before we all shout hallelujah, I have also had to take 75mg of diclofenac and 10mg amitriptyline these 2 drugs will stop in about 2 weeks.

However I have to admit I am not as sore, and my feet aren't constantly on fire.And my movements seem smoother, than the previous last month or two.

I will be restarting my mtx at some point, as I am still feeling raggerty at the edges so to speak,I purchased the turmeric via the net, I paid £10 for months supply, yes I know there is stuff out there cheaper and lot more tabs etc. But I wanted it manufactured in the UK,along with ISO certificate.

OK were to know, well I feel better, though I take the tablets with food, i've had a few cramps, and soft stools, which can be a side effect of turmeric .

I will update as we progress, though if I turn in MR HYDE I will of course let you know. warmest to all Craig

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  • Hi craig - i also started taking Turmeric last week - I also typed out a long reply to your post which . for some reason I lost??????????? I would love to hear how you are getting on - i believe the higher the curcumins content in the turmeric the better.



  • Hi Lorna, apparently the curcumin/black pepper aid the absorption of the turmeric, .

    as far as getting on my movements feel better, and the pain/inflammation which is the main cause of the pain seems to settled.

    I am looking at trying to end the use of tramadol, but I think that will take some time. Please feel free to ask any other question and I will try and answer them as best I can.

    warmest Craig

  • Thanks for reply - what I said in my long post which i lost !!!!! I have a book that someone told me to read ( i know every one has read a book that cures RA!!!!) It involves diet as well as turmeric - it also recommends nettle leaf so here i am drinking nettle tea which is ok - better than sticking needles into yourself. the diet recommended is veggie which I am so i just need to make a few adjustments and cut our certain foods eg diary. I thought I would give it a go and see - it cant hurt. I cant change my diet all at once and just change a few things every week or so - im not sure if i feel better but i dont take painkillers except for about 2 - 4 paracetamol at night. the biologics and mthrex seem to work ok for me but as i keep saying sticking needles into my self is really awful. - infact the whole RA thing is awful.



  • Hi mate, I've been taking mine with milk, honey, full fat milk or putting a bit of coconut oil in it as well but works even better warmed up. Try to Google search on a program "Trust me I'm a Dr Turmeric" really really interesting if taken properly has some great results, I definitely feel better and not taken any pain killers for a week now!! Good luck, hope you get some positive results bud.

  • Hi craig which Web site did you use?

  • not sure what you mean is re the use of turmeric?

  • Yes sorry lol

  • hi the only site i have as such is this one,the rest was internet surfing, plus word of mouth, my friends have a couple of horses and have for many year successfully treated one of them with turmeric for arthritis, so right from the horses mouth one might say.

  • Thanks craig for your reply

  • the joy of the needle has never been in my book,but MTX does help, as I have found out on my enforced leave of absence . So lets continue the adventure and see where it takes us.

    warmest Craig

  • Turmeric is brilliant. Always take with black pepper for up to 200 times potency.

  • Hi all, I too am venturing in a more focussed way down the diet route - having got to the point where I've done everything else that's claimed to help. I've already been gluten free for15 years but now have been advised (by a nutritionist ) to cut out all grains and potatoes and add in all sorts of stuff a la Helmsley and Helmsley as well as numerous supplements I was already taking including turmeric. As well a feeling like a full time job it's not much fun so would really like to know others experience of this kind of things. In short is it worth it?! Many thanks.

  • The way that I see it, adjusting your diet to heal your disease from the inside out will always be worth it. Even if some believe it can not "cure you," it can only make you a healthier person in the end. It is difficult, and it takes a ton of planning, but I can tell you I have seen first hand the difference that dietary changes and natural supplements can make.

    Personally, parsley is one of my best friends! If I'm in a lot of pain in the morning, I blend up a big handful (~1/2 cup) with an apple, some lemon and a banana and within an hour, I am walking comfortably and more smoothly, and most importantly- as close to pain free as I can remember being since having RA!

    Just remember, each person's journey is specific to their own body and life, and what works for one person will inevitably work slightly differently for the next. So don't be afraid to adjust your diet and try out new things when you feel something isn't doing anything for you, and most importantly, remember to treat yourself every once in a while! We can't always be the perfect patient, we are only human! :)

    Good luck! Hoping you find relief soon.

  • I am starting on curcumin bcm 95 this week combined with methotrexate as agreed with my consultant. Rather than turmeric it is curcumin that is the active ingredient but it must be the bcm 95 version. Small scale trials have shown some effect with RA patients mostly stopping further inflammation rather than reducing it. Some evidence from trials combining curcumin and methotrexate have shown the curcumin provides a protective element to the liver and renal function of those taking methotrexate.

    Here's hoping :)

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