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I am taking 25mg methotrexate weekly, co-codamol 30mg/500mg x 2 x

4 times a day, pregabalin 75mg 2 daily and cuprofen 400mg 4 times daily, hydroxychloroquine 200mg daily. I am expecting to be changed from methotrexate to a biologic as my pain completely disables my hands and wrists and my elbows have started getting painful now, first of all could you let me know if anybody else has changed from mtx to a biologic?, has it helped? what are the side effects compared to mtx? also been looking at turmeric capsules, has anybody else tried these please? and have they helped? I have been like this now for over 2 years, and look forward to hearing from you all as I really appreciate all the input from you fellow sufferers, and thank you in advance.

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Having read about the anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric, I gave it a try for a month. But the capsules had no effect. Then I read various things suggesting that I should have taken much larger amounts, or that I should use it in the powder form and fry it first as part of a curry type sauce...

But some people seem to find it helpful, so I'm sure that they will post.

Thank you oldtimer those were my original thoughts but just wanted to see if it was me just being sceptical and you have confirmed that - so thank you my friend :)

Suetor in reply to oldtimer

I’ve been on turmeric 10,000 mg about 2 months now and definitely helps .


Merely supplemental aside, Lincolnimp2457: If considering Turmeric Capsules, maybe also consider Turmeric Root? 🤔 [Oh . . please don’t forget the black pepper (peperine). 👍👍 ]

More than you ever wanted to know about Turmeric ( healthunlocked.com/cure-art.... scroll downward to "Turmeric/ Curcumin resources/ reference")! 😳 🤯

Wishing you the very best, Lincolnimp2457. 😌 🙏 🍀 🌺 🌞


"Turmeric" search 🔎 results in NRAS ( healthunlocked.com/search/t... ) & HU ( healthunlocked.com/search/t... ) reveal an eye-popping 👁 ( giphy.com/gifs/HWmkA6M8cUir... ) variety of experiences. 😳 🙃 ☺️


Lincolnimp2457 in reply to Kai--

thank you so much Kai I will do that :)

Think I had a little bit of benefit

Thank you Summer32 that would agree with Matalow so I am going to give them a try :)

Yes I’m on turmeric capsules as you’d have to take a lot of powder to get enough of the curcuma the beneficial ingredient of turmeric.i also take bioperine capsul they aid absorption. The doses I’m on are 2/ 720mg tumric 1/10mg bioperine. I’ve been taking them for approx 2 yrs .i feel they are helping certainly not doing any harm which is the main thing ,I’m also on Humira and the usual pain killers . I’m able to walk the dog and swim for 10-15 min most days.

Hope this helps..

Regards Mike

That has certainly helped a lot mike - thank you I will buy some capsules now and give them a try and hope you keep well :)

Paul :)

Hi! I make my own golden paste and give it to my dogs as well. It really helps, but the pills will not help if they aren't taken with fat as it is not water soluble. Here is the main source of information on turmeric:


The recipe for golden paste is there. I also add ginger, cloves, Ceylon Cinnamon, boswellia and nutmeg to my golden paste. I use coconut oil but you can use other healthy fats like olive if you prefer. I make a large batch and freeze 3 or 4 jars, while keeping one in the fridge. It will last about 2 weeks in the refrigerator. I take a TBS twice a day. I ran out once and noticed the difference on the second day so I know it helps me. Be sure to buy organic ingredients and grind the pepper fresh right before adding it. It's easy to make only taking about 15 mins total. Turmeric stains, so be careful and wear old clothes and have a bleach spray near by for counter tops if they are light in color. The dogs love it and it helps my female who has horrible arthritis from Lyme Disease, like me. Turmeric also is know for it's anticancer properties, helps with diabetes and many other medical issues. The above link will give you great information. You can use it in recipes, make golden milk/tea, broth and other ways to incorporate it. Remember it must be accompanied by healthy fat and piperine to be the most effective. I hope this helps you!


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