Scared of falling

Scared of falling

Does anyone else fall over a lot? I'm sure I'd fall over air! I'm much more unstable on my pins these days. It's a bit scary walking the dog round's mud city! I'm terrified of it becoming icey again.

I'm not really sure why I keep falling? It might be because I'm so stiff at times that I can't lift my feet properly. I seem to lose my balance quickly.

I'm hoping that by strengthening my muscles, and losing weight, that I won't fall over quite do much. Or at the very least, do it more elegantly!

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  • Hi Hector23

    This place has a beautiful sense of eeriness about it.

    Where is it?



  • Ah it's one of my favourite haunts. Port Meadow in the mist.

  • Hi Hector, I don't fall over but I walk into things. I have just started physio because I have an unstable core. I'm hoping it will help with my balance.

    Good luck with the weight loss and muscle strengthening.


  • Thank you

    Hope your physio helps. 😄 I need a hard hat!

  • Hector I go to a physiotherapist led Pilates class at my local gym and our teacher is really hot on doing movements that will help strengthen up the bits we need to balance as well as strengthening our core.

    Years ago I used to fall over all the time until I asked the be referred to a chiropodist who prescribed orthotics.

    So maybe you could look into that sort of thing.

  • I have had an assessment and am waiting for a place on a falls clinic. Mine is due to foot fusions and a collapsed ankle. Maybe they have something similar in your area that would help you with the right core exercises. Keep up with what you are doing as exercises are good for us if we are able to do them. X

  • Hi hector ..Yeh I get a feeling of dizziness for split second and when I'm walking the dog it does scare me too I just stop look straight ahead and take a extra strong mint and I feel ok again it is very strange tho it could be nothing to do with medication it's probably the menopause with me

  • If you get a feeling of dizziness then I can't see that you're tripping over your feet like I was. So sorry that was no help. How about blood pressure / vertigo / inner ears?

  • Love the photo by the way it looks such a tranquil place to be

  • Thank you 😄

  • Hi hector23

    Since having both hips replaced and then

    Its knees replaced last year, my balance is poor. A strong wind makes me stumble and since starting on methotrexate , I get lightheaded which just exacerbates everything.

    It was snowing here today ( Scotland ) and icy underfoot - I was walking like my 86 year old mother - was terrified of falling!

    Best of luck in your endeavours .


  • I know the feeling! 😂

  • I was falling all the time last summer. I never really realized how swollen my right knee was because it never caused me pain. My pain was in my hands and wrists. So when I walked, I guess my "bullbus" knee wasn't bending properly, so down I'd go. I fell while standing in line at the grocery store, I fell while getting up from the dinner table, etc. The worst fall was when I was walking on the dock to our little boat. Splat, I went down and hard so fast on my face that I thought I broke my nose. I ended up with a black eye. A couple of weeks into mtx, my falling stoped. I hope your falling will stop too. Maybe wearing a knee brace can help you? I surely hope so.

    Take care


    PS. Changing the subject, is this the Thames? So beautiful

  • Thank you, and yes the Thames! 😄

  • I fall a lot. Had 2 broken toes and a sprainedankle in the last 3 years. Others times just bruising and embarrassment.

    I use a stick now every time I take my dogs out. This has stopped me falling many times. You can also get walking poles with a handle on. These don't look as obvious.

    Also done a Tai chi class which helps with balance. I personally didn't like the slow movements and the music. That is just me though wish I did get on with it.

    Good look. On a funny note I fell on holiday . Walking on the sea front down I went my other half said come on get up look what you have done got blood on our little dog ! I can laugh now. Broke my big toe and cut my knee. :)

  • Poor you!

    I use a stick when on muddy terrain. I'm thinking of getting those walking poles.

  • Decathlon are very good if you have one in your area. The spike helps with grip on the mud x

  • I was exactly the same, rough ground and mud were particularly bad. I felt like if a puff of wind came it would blow me over as I had no resistance or strength at all - I have plenty of ballast too!

    I have been seeing a physio and the difference it has made is astounding! I have also joined a Pilates class. I was there last night, and it has made me realise how very stiff and inflexible I have become. I guess when everything hurts our natural instinct is to avoid the movements that exacerbate the pain - I think this was probably the worst thing I could have done as I am now a right old stiffyworks.

    I have been really good and do my physio exercises and I am starting to feel a difference. I have some muscle tone developing, balance and walking is getting easier too. It will be a long job but now that I can see the benefits I am spurred on. I am hoping the Pilates will work with my physio routine 😀

    I can walk further with my adorable hound now, and not hurt as much 😀

  • Brilliant! 😄

  • I went through a terrifying phase when I starting falling for no reason and without warning. One day it happened 3 times in one morning while I was out. I stopped going out and moved around the house with support. I did see the doctor who was not very helpful. At the time I was on a lot of medication for Inflammatery Poly arthritis. I think it could have been due weakened muscles caused by lack of regular movement. Anyway the only major action I took was to purchase a good quality full support trainers. Now I wear my trainers all the time and feel more in control when on my feet. Yes thankfully I have not fallen since.

  • I had a really bad fall last Friday the day before I came on holiday,I was at my local leasure centre and had been in the sauna after being in the gym and felt unwell so I made for the showers and my legs just went and my left ankle is really swollen, I got it xrayed that night and they couldnt see anything broken but I've to go back on Monday when I come back from holiday as it's worse , so the bottom line is I don't go any where without my stick or crutch now as my balance and legs are terribly weak

  • Oh dear, so sorry to hear that. Hope it hasn't spoiled your holiday too much?

    One of my neighbours fell over this morning and broke her wrist. Poor woman was very shaken😕

  • Like you I too have gradually started falling more in the last two years. My balance isn't as good and if I trip I can't correct my balance fast enough to prevent myself from crashing down. Also my ankles and one of my knees can fail without warning resulting in falling. It does make me nervous about going out for short walks especially in winter or on uneven ground. I was given some exercises to strengthen my leg muscles by physio after I landed myself in hospital after a particularly nasty fall. I do have walking poles and use one or both if on rough ground. On normal pavements I manage without, I find a walking stick less helpful because of stress on my wrist.

    Your post and every ones replies has reminded me of the importance of exercising, I have been a bit lax of late. New Years resolution "work on those leg muscles".

  • @hector23 - Great pic - I fall over flat surfaces as my mum says,and that was before I became ill. I've noticed it's definitely gotten worse since my left arch in my foot collapsed,and as soon as my shoes with my orthotics are in are taken off,I may as well just be called a weeble - I'm literally rolling all over the place(hence my 'spectacular' fall last Friday - I'd only taken my supports off to get fresh clothes out of the wardrobe,and I ended up swinging with said clothes in one hand,and the wardrobe door in the other while hitting just about every piece of my body in the meantime😝 - I can laugh about it now(if I didn't I would seriously loose the plot) but I'm waiting on a podiatry referral to see if they can do anything other than give me more insoles.... no good when trying to get dressed or just getting out of bed!! As others have said,work on your core(you can pick some great Pilates or yoga dvds up from second hand shops or online) failing that,I got a great pair of insoles from my Physio - and as soon as she put them in my shoes and I stood up she said she could literally see the difference,and I could feel it too... I didn't feel like I was constantly leaning into my middle as it were - they're not that expensive either,if you want a quick fix while waiting for appointments to be arranged.

    Good luck with the exercise,it will make a huge difference to your core.

    Take care,I'm not sure she's was trained to drag you home in the mud,although he'd probably have a ball of a time giving it a go😝

    Nicki x

  • Thank you

    I have orthoptics, and they certainly make a difference. I

    I notice that since my balatetal knee operation, I am now knock kneed. My legs used to be straight! I'm sure this makes a difference in stability of walking.

    I have felt pretty unsteady. If I trip now, I can't recover. I just topple over!

    I do feel that the cycling is making some difference. I managed to walk five miles today without tripping once!!

  • Hi Hector,

    I fell over and fractured my ankle last summer. Still not right but I get that insecurity of second guessing each step. I tend to wear my trainers, with orthotics and feel more stable than with regular shoes, which are a distant memory now.

    My physio lady once told me to always look up, not down when walking as although we think we are being more cautious, in fact we are setting ourselves up for a fall. Loosing confidence is the hardest part of all of this fragile bone/balance scenario. Good luck.

  • Hi Hector23 , falling was and is something I have been so frightened of over my time with RA. Knowing that if I fall I could not get up. Knowing that if I fall I would be more likely to fracture a joint. Knowing that if I fall I would be in so much pain...

    Now however I cannot recommend highly enough the Bikram yoga venue in Cowley behind tesco, When I started last October it was hard to get to/from the car but I knew I would make it come what may. I have been ever weekday since spending 90 mins in each "Hot26" session. I will be there today at 5.30pm.

    At first I could not raise myself off my ankles due to pain. Now I can balance pretty reasonably well. The staff there are very supportive of people with arthritis and help with advice to ensure you do yourself no harm. Initially I could not get to the floor without two people helping me descend. Then I was able to begin to used some steps/chair, but for several weeks needed two people to lift me to get up from the floor. Now I am independent getting both up and down but still stay by the wall where a couple of "ballet bars" are that I can grab onto.

    It's a big investment of time. Besides the 90 minutes of the bikram yoga session itself I have to drive from EYnsham, which on a good day takes 30 mins each way, and as well as that I like to arive 30 mins early anyway and also take a shower afterwards and am slow to dress. So that 's nearly 3 hours of each day.

    But Bikram Yoga has transformed me. Apart form my left ankle which is hurting over the last couple of days, I can now walk and not feel frightened about falling. My posture has improved tremendously. I can walk at a normal pace, not fast perhaps but I can go to the shops (apart from my current issue with my ankle which will go in a day or so) and enjoy the experience.

    If you are interested and want some help give me a call on 0778-9995111, and I'll see what I can do.

  • Thank you AndySwarbs, that's so kind.

    How much does it cost?

  • The first 20 days they have an offer of £45, thereafter it is £99 to be able to go any time. They have an off-peak rate at £79 but I reject that at the moment because the only class I go to is Hot26. I go around 5 times a week, so over 4 weeks that is about £5 per session.

    I am looking to the day when I will be able to get up and down from the floor, it is in my sights and so I will become independent of the ballet bars.

    The session is very warm - 40 degrees which is lovely in these cold days! I just wear swim shorts. The sessions have about 70% women 30% men. One good thing is everyone is focused 100% on themselves. No one cares what you look like or what you are doing, because they are pushing themselves pretty hard.

    There are quite a number of Bikram videos on youtube. Take a look at

    Every bikram 90min session is the exactly the same anywhere in the world, and that's a great benefit if you travel around.

    There are lots of reasons why Bikram yoga in particular is good for arthritis. One good reason is there are hardly any poses that put pressure on the wrists. The 90 mins is an intense and carefully structured cardio-vascular set of exercises. The motto is push yourself but never into pain.

    If you want to read my review after my first 10 sessions see my blog post at foodandarthritis.blogspot.c... One last point, my first session was VERY emotional. I asked myself what the **** was I doing here!!! Inside I cried and cried thinking this is stupid. But I have solidly persisted and, with my dietary changes, have begun to seriously get my life back.

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