Hi everyone, I am almost positive that I will be receiving an RA diagnosis withing the week. And I'll apologise now as I think this will be a long post.

Back in October I had a really bad back and was prescribed a whole host of painkillers :-( Then I January I got tonsillitis, something I've not has since I was about 10! Anyhow 3 days of antibiotics and it cleared up. After a few weeks all I could think about was how much I ached but just put it off as being the remains of the viral infection from the aforementioned tonsillitis.

Eventually I went back to the doctors and he took some bloods. He said that with the amount of pain medication I was on I should not be achy the way that I was describing. The results came back. ESR 51 and CRP 15. I was switched from Naproxen to Indomethacin but no diagnosis was mentioned and I was to get my bloods repeated in 3 weeks time.

Needless to say, I am still in pain and the blood results are back. ESR 46 and CRP 21. The doctors has now mentioned that there are 2 types of inflammatory arthritis and took more bloods.

I've since done a bit of research and have 'self diagnosed' (I know i shouldn't). Based on all my symptoms including the bi-lateral pain I think it's RA.

I know that we aren't doctors on here but I would appreciate if anyone can give an opinion on if I'm thinking rightly or wrongly.


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  • Hi , well it sounds as though you are in a lot of pain.

    But try not to worry , if it's RA they will treat you quickly ! If it's not they will see what else is causing it.

    It's the uncertainty at the moment for you maybe that's causing the worry. But with your results, and an examination the Rheumy they will get to the bottom of this. But rest up , take the painkillers and maybe use hot or cold packs to ease things . Let us know what they say , not long now xx

  • Have you been on the Nras site? Loads of info on there on being diagnosed . Keep a pain diary to show docs and take photos of any swelling or stiffness and go back armed with all that plus blood results !

  • This intermediate period is an uncertain one & worrying is natural but it won't help. I think all you can do is wait for the results & keep to reputable sites if you're researching. As Allanah says have a look on the NRAS site, you'll find this information pathway helpful

    Until you see a Rheumy you won't know for sure but there are lots of different specialist meds available nowadays.

    I didn't really have much time to worry as I had a firm diagnosis very quickly, my GP took the necessary blood tests on the day I first went presenting symptoms & was diagnosed & on my first meds a day over a fortnight later. It won't have helped that you've gone back & forth & only now had the correct test taken though hopefully now you'll have the green light to Rheumatology.

    Keep in touch, let us know when you receive the results & rest your affected joints as much a poss. :)

  • Thanks. It's the NRAS site that I used. How long does the RF (I'm assuming that's the one the Dr has taken) to come back? I'm hoping to know before I go on holiday. Right now I just want to be in a pool all the time to releive the pain. It's affecting every joint from my toes to my neck. All except my hips, they seem to be not too bad just now.

  • I'm not a good example as I was living abroad when diagnosed, mine came back the next day but it will depend on the lab used, how busy they are etc. Do bear in mind rheumatoid factor isn't a reliable test, hopefully you'll be tested for anti-ccp too but diagnosis won't be confirmed until you've had imaging, further bloods & a full examination, all these together should give the full picture. Do ask how quickly you can expect to be seen if you're referred, guidelines recommend within 3 months.

    Swimming is good exercise but until you know what you're going to be dealing with it's best not to go daft. The warmth of the sun will help, I lived in a sunny climate & for some of the year you wouldn't know I had RD.

    Something my GP recommended before my diagnostic clinic appointment was to stop taking the pain relief & NSAID a few days before the appointment. I hurt like hell for those days but it gave good baseline results to help decide on treatment & doses. Also accurate tenderness when joints were palpated, my legs felt as though they would break when he tried to check the extent of movement in my hips!

    I'm sure if you post again once you've received your Rheumy appointment you'll receive lots of tips for your initial consultation.

    I hope you enjoy your hols, when do you go?

  • I wouldn't be swimming, just lying under the water. I feel like I just need the weightlessness feeling. It's like a craving if that makes sense.

    Hopefully I will know more soon. I go away in 5 weeks so may not have a full diagnosis by then but the day I step on the plane can't come quick enough!

  • Yes it makes perfect sense, I do to! Just floating helps, your body held by the water, the feeling of weightlessness is just lovely. You may not have a diagnosis by then but relaxing & the warmth will certainly help. Where are you bound?

  • I'm off to Tenerife with my mum. Nor kids or hubby's to run after lol so perfect for relaxing :-)

  • Perfect. Hope you have a lovely time.

  • The previous posts are great- can only add the fact that I also self diagnosed thanks to Doc. Google and I was right! That was after my GP said it wasnt RA and delayed referral as all bloods negative ! Took a year before I started meds. Hope all goes well for you.

  • Hi--- so sorry you are finding yourself in a position where you need to join this site-- but a warm welcome anyway. On here you will find lots of lovely helpful people- and there is always someone who will be able to answer any questions you may have. I found alternating hot and cold therapy helped my sore joints. I used frozen peas and heat bags to begin with. Enjoy your holiday and rest in between gentle exercise. 😎xx

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