RA VS. Cancers

I was diagnosed with RA in Jan 2013. I have been on many different medications. I got ILD in Aug 2013 from Methotrexate. 2015 I had 3 different types of skin cancer, one of them being Melanoma. Now I may have Polycythemia Vera and breast cancer. Is there any way that you can heal the body without the RA coming and destroying everything and having to fight cancers over and over every couple of weeks and being sick all the time.

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  • I don't know the answer to that one Dana, sorry. However, I just wanted you to know that someone was listening.

    It sounds a terribly difficult time for you. What medications do you currently take? Was the cancers exacerbated by the meds?

    I wish you all the very best and hope for some good recovery for you.

  • The last medication I was on was rituximab infusion. Now my RA doctor wants to put me on Humeria. I will not take the Humeria. I just don't know how much more fighting in me.

  • I am sorry. Thank you so much for listening, I am just lost and confused.

  • No need to apologise whatsoever - just wish I could advise. There are many people on this forum who are very knowledgable and helpful and I'm sure they will be in touch.

    I am on my second biologic ( enbrel), with humira having been the first. Humira did nothing at all and enbrel seems little better, unfortunately. Three months ago, I was also out on methotrexate, 20mg but as yet, nothing really seems to make any significant Difference - it's a journey!

    These are heavy meds we have to take and some of the side effects are truly horrendous.

    What is your consultant saying to it all? With your history, I would be anxious re humira too.

  • My doctors have seen my blood work and ignored what I was saying. I have so many specialist that order test but never look at them. I can't seem to get them to listen to me. They act like I don't know my own body. I have a Neurologist, pulmonologist, dermatologist, Rhuematologist, and now a hematologist. Too many doctors and no one following up. I do take my days one day at a time. It is the only way I can do it. Have a great day :)

  • Keep shouting Dana !! I hope

    Today is a bit easier

    For you.

  • Sorry I haven't replied before now. I had a mammogram and now I have to have an ultra sound, I had a cat scan done and have a 8 cm mass on my lower lobe on the left side . We still haven't found out about the Polycythemia Vera yet. Now I am wondering if everything hasn't spread through my whole body.

  • Can you get hold of a doctor from functional medicine. They look at the whole story. For this line of medicine the aim is to connect all the relevant information of the patient and make a treatment plan as a result of this understanding. Symptom shooting from different directions without coordination seldom comes with good results. Sorry you are cought in this vicious circle and hope you will find a doc who would be interested to see the big picture:)

  • I'm not surprised you feel lost as you say. I would call the Macmillan advice people who will have heard this before I feel. They might be able to give you some good advice.

    I know the risk with RA drugs and have yearly scans for lymphoma for my type of ra . But for quality of life I take the drugs xx

  • That's a very good suggestion from alannah. They will be able to offer advice and support.

    I wish you well.

  • Thank you Eiram50, I do know I need support right now.

  • allanah, I agree with you whole hearty. It is the quality of life that these drugs give you, but if you are sick the whole time your on them, there is no quality of life. What type of RA do you have? My doctor wants me to have a genetics test done. In 3 generations people have had cancer. My grandfather had cancer. 3 out of 4 siblings had cancer. Their kids which includes me 4 kids with cancer. I myself have had 5 cancers. I know this last one has kicked my butt and I need help dealing with it. I have not had a day with out pain and sickness since 2008. That is not quality of life to me. I praise God that your treatments and quality of life is good. God is AWESOME.

  • It's a good idea with your family history to get some genetic testing I think . Yes the drugs make you feel awful but once the lesion has gone you will get a break ?

    If the ra drugs not the cancer drugs make you sick you should tell the Rheumy who should be able to change things around to ease firstly the pain then the sickness.

    The cancer specialist also has strong antisickness drugs which will help both conditions so I think it's Maybe a good time to talk to the two specialists or the Macmillan helpline for additional specialties st support .

    You have a lot on your plate , is your minister good, he could help you spiritually . Xxxxx

  • Hello allanah, Sorry I haven't replied before now. I had a mammogram and now I have to have an ultra sound, I had a cat scan done and have a 8 cm mass on my lower lobe on the left side of my lung . We still haven't found out about the Polycythemia Vera yet. Now I am wondering if everything hasn't spread through my whole body. All I can do is sit here and cry wondering how and why. My Rhuematologist I don't like her, she doesn't listen to me. Now I don't want my lung doctor to touch me either because I asked him in Aug if we could do a cat scan, I told him what I was going through and he told me no. This could have been caught in Aug.. I am full of hurt but I do know God is carrying me right now. It is in his hands. I just have to wait to see what his plan is.. Thank you for praying for me, I will know Tuseday about the breast.

  • Bless you, you really have a plate full to deal with, i know that RA drugs can be complicated when mixed with cancer but i dont have the answers to your questions. But if positive thoughts and gentle hugs help im sending them your way by the bucket load. Blessings.

  • Thank you I need them :)

  • Oh Danna my heart goes out to you, no-one should have so much to cope with - how I wish we had the answers for you. But you clearly have a strong faith in God - thank you so much for putting that in your post, it's really helped me this morning. In all the mess and pain of chronic illness, it's hard to hang on to Him isn't it? - in fact believe it or not I've just bought a book called"Why doesn't God fix it?" by Kimberley Rae. It's very good. But don't forget that healing IS still possible, so don't give up. Am praying for you, as well as sending you hugs. I go to see my own my Rheumatologist on Thursday, to talk about the next drug choice....you take care ok? xx

  • Thank you, You know they say that God doesn't give you more then you can handle. I just found out yesterday that I have an 8cm mass on my lower left lung.....lol I will talk to a hematologist thursday to see the next step is. Please be careful with that RA meds. :(

  • Hi sweetheart, am so sorry to hear your latest news. I will pray too. Do you have a pastor/church family who are supporting you through all this? I really hope so. You shouldn't be going through all this alone. Lean on as many people as possible right now - do you not have some sort of cancer support team as well? xx

  • I do have have a family that has a history of cancer. But none of them have RA so they think I just go through treatment and I will be fine. They don't realize that if I do the RA treatments I will have cancer again. My husband just doesn't understand or doesn't care, I haven't figured that one out yet...lol. I do have a cousin who is like a sister to me. It is funny, we all believe in healing through Christ. I had stage 4 melanoma in my right arm. The melanoma was removed and thank god it didn't spread. If you know anything about the D-Dimer test it has different readings for different things one being cancer. Mine was higher then what their highest test went to. I am becoming at peace with this is because maybe it is Gods plan for me. I will find out Tuesday whether I need a biopsy on my breast, but I think I will have them do a pet scan to see if it shows cancer since they plan on doing it on my lung and i can have them check other area's as well like my brain. When you have RA it takes longer to heal and if God can show me an easier way for treatment I will take it. I wish RA was curable but it is not. I appreciate you keeping me in prayer Thank you.

  • I just wanted you to know I am not doing this alone, God is at the wheel. He knows where we are going. :)

  • That is true too! Danna, if it's ok to ask you - do you live in America? If so I can't help thinking that all your healthcare must be costing you an absolute fortune? At least we have everything free on the NHS over here, for now anyway....I'm always interested inwhat happens in USA becos my daughter married an American and has lived there for about 15 years. I just found out before Christmas that there IS a family history of RA on my late mum's side. Something I didn't know when diagnosed in 2013. So will have to share that news with my daughter in case she gets it too. Thinking about you, take care xx

  • Dear scotslass333,

    My medical went up this year. I use to pay the deductible and everything was covered after that. Now I pay the deductible and 10% of somethings, my co-pay is either 20-40 dollars a visit and our monthly premiums are almost 400.00 a month. So this year my medical will be very costly. My infusions that I had last year didn't cost me and this year it will be 2400.00 every six months at 24, 000.00 a treatment. Now I understand why seniors have to choose between eating and health. My husband retired 10 years ago and is now having to get another job to take care of my medical and that is sad.

  • Dear Danna....though I have no constructive advice, please know that I'm sending you lots of love and gentle hugs xoxoxo

  • Hi Danna and welcome. You certainly have a lot to put up with. With regards to your RA, I have been on Humira for 8 years and in terms of helping with RA its been a great drug for me, however its the cause of my small skin cancers, I was offered Rituxamab last year as a better alternative. I may have to concider it this year, as it's the best drug if you have cancer. I note it's not helped you. I also have many other problems and have had to learn to deal with them as I've gone along, my GP is a great help, all the different consultants write to him, maybe your GP is the one to talk to to make some sense of all the problems you have. Wishing you luck X

  • I want to thank you. My problems have just gotten worse, maybe Tuesday I will get some good news, if not I think I am in real trouble...lol

  • Wishing you all all the very best for Tuesday. I too have an appointment on Tuesday with my Gp as as my rheumy is sure what the 8 mm 'bone island ' is on my 5th rib and have an ultrasound the following week for a cyst on my liver. I know mine are not serious, but I can image what you are going through. Will be thinking of you and sending you hugs. Let us know how you get on. Xx


  • I will thank you

  • I don't know if it is a coincidence or not. I was on the Rituxamab and was sick the whole time and with in 6 months these cancers popped up. Please I am begging you please do your homework on these meds. My life has been a night mare since I started on these RA meds. I am scared for everyone on these.

  • Thank you Danna, I certainly will, having had erosive RA for 32 years now is all a balance and trying to keep this decease under control its a hard one. Take good care of yourself. Hugs G x

  • Thank You :)

  • Awww sweetie - I am so sorry for all of this. I don't have any good answers for you but just to offer a prayer if you are okay with that...

  • I am very good with that, can you pray that my ultra sound goes well tuesday.

  • Will Do

  • Thank you

  • Praying for you too Dana - you're in our thoughts.


  • Thank you Marie.

  • Danna the very same whole food plant based diet I advocate for treating RA is also a tremendous tool in the battle against cancer. See

    which starts the story of Dr Greger's grandmother who was told to go home to die because the doctors had run out of options from heart problems. You need to go forward to around 13mins to get to where he talks about cancer.

    I mean what have you to lose? Many people who meet me comment on how healthy I look. I am not guaranteeing a solution to your cancer or even your RA problems. But I am saying that AT THE VERY LEAST you will have the opportunity to become otherwise so incredibly healthy!

    Overcoming RA requires, imo a tuned version for a whole-food plant based diet that a) eliminates foods that trigger RA in your body and b) emphasises foods that are naturally anti-RA such as turmeric.

  • Thank you andy, I will watch this. I think I have had RA since I was a little kid. The support that I have been getting from here and the prayers, has really brought my stress levels down. ...I will look at this video. To be very honest with you I don't have a good Rhuematologist. When I was diagnosed with RA nothing was explained to me. I wish I could go back and done things my way. It is never too late to change though. Thank you for taking the time to get me this information....Danna

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