Wrist replacement

I am suffering with acute arthritic pain in my left wrist and have been for some time and have talked to my consultant with regard to surgery. I am not keen on fusion but have just alighted on the surgeon Greg Packer and wondered if anyone had first hand (excuse the pun) experience in surgical 'wrist replacement' of the kind Mr Packer performs. Any information you could offer would be welcome

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Not had wrist replacements but have had darrachs to both of them and wrists fused(they'd already started to fuse because of the degenerative changes), had a screw in left wrist to keep in place. Changing gears my hand had wandered off my wrist, so it's screwed back in place. Also had huge ganglion removed and 2 tendon transfers to a functional tendon. Thanks to mr giddins and his team my hands have stayed functional(reduced) whilst reducing pain. Now need four new joints and some tendons sorted out again. Trusting your surgeon is essential. Although your not keen on wrist fusion it was a life saver for me because the bones were in such a mess. Always left to long before surgery. Fused wrists do disadvantage you with dexterity, but pain wise it was like manna from heaven after the excruciating pain I'd had for years. Good luck




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