worried about my wrist replacement surgery after 3 weeks

I had my wrist replaced 3 weeks ago. the first few days was just mild pain really not too bad and then at two weeks they took the stitches out and put a clamshell splint on it.I was told in the beginning that I could use my fingers and just let pain be the guide as to how much to use my hand For about 2 weeks everything was going very good but this last week I have a lot more pain than I did if I move my wrist at all. it feels very unstable it seems worse than it was before the surgery. I've had four other joints replaced and always had immediate relief I'm worried that maybe the glue didn't hold or something. does anybody have any suggestions?

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  • Make an appointment with the clinic nurse, if not go see your GP ASAP as there may be a problem with the replacement


  • I failed to say that i saw the surgeon yesterday because i had an infection around where a couple of the stitches were removed. he said it is just a surface infection and not to worry. he put me on keflex for a week. he said everything is ok, but i am still wondering why more pain than before surgery. my other replacements gave pain relief right away. thanks so much for answering

  • Hi I had my Knuckles replaced on one of my hands and boy was it painful for a long time afterwards . Now it is a lot better than before the surgery. Hope you get some ease soon xx

  • thank you so much for your reply I appreciate it

  • Wow, what a difference 2 weeks can make. My wrist healed perfectly and today is my first full without a splint and it is wonderful. I just wanted to make sure that if anyone was contemplating a wrist replacement, to ignore my first post:)

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