hi iv had very bad pain all my joints and have got worse I'm getting bad head aches pain in ankles.knees .lower back.shoulders neck.I also have ibs. my eyes started playing up.I'm told I'm getting cluster head aches.iv slwaya been told I have osteo arthritus. but my wrists are giving way my thumb are psinful why hasn't my doctor thought about me having fun fibro I think I have it all my muscles hurt can you help. I was on patches and celitipran and I think both together made my head do bad I ended up in hosp I was screaming g in psin from head. they said I was suicidal but I do try think I was . just went a bit weired. had ct scan and MrI scan bother ab normal this was 4 wks bk they kept me in hosp since then iv vern anxious nervous . have shakim g and my eyes are still playing up had eyes tested ssid it's not the eyes that's doing it but my eyes hurt x nylon suggestions please xx thank you

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please seek help. I am sure if you call the NRAS helpline, they will be able to give you some advice.


Hiya margarete-72. You sound as though you're in a bad way, I'm sorry. You mention your GP has told you you have OA & you seem to be attributing at least some of your symptoms to Fibromyalgia but you don't say if your GP has tested you for Rheumatoid Factor &/or AntiCCP. Symptoms vary from person to person but the common symptoms of RD (some of us think rather than Rheumatoid Arthritis Rheumatoid Disease is more appropriate) are painful, warm, swollen joints often symmetrical but not always, early morning stiffness & flu-like symptoms which may relate to your muscle pain. I can't make out if your MRI & CT scans were normal or abnormal or if you're still in hospital but if you are are you waiting for further testing?

Back to your muscle pain, whilst you're right & it is a symptom of Fibro it can also be a symptom of RD. Also some meds can cause muscle pain, statins or those prescribed to lower blood pressure are common ones. Another consideration is Myositis (or Polymyositis if it affects multiple muscles), this is when the immune system mistakenly attacks the muscles & whilst it's rarer than RD it's reasonably easily diagnosed with a blood test & an EMG. But, if it was me as you're thinking along the lines of Fibro I'd ask on the Healthunlocked Fibromyalgia site too, Your symptoms could also be attributed to Chronic Pain Syndrome.

So you see it's not quite so easy to determine for us just what you have so I think another appointment with your GP should be considered. If you'd like to read more about RD & diagnosis this might help


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