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I had never really thought much about the differences between the UK and the US until we started watching Wheeler Dealers at night. Then with this board other topics (like the differences in healthcare) and sayings came to mind (I had to look up brill, well chuffed, how much a stone is, it's pants, and Bob's your uncle :-) ). Then I found the John Lewis commercials, and my hubby found the Sainsbury's commercials. I just wanted to mention that the UK commercials are wonderful (at least what I've seen so far). We have some that are good in the same way, but not many. So, here is to a wonderful holiday season, in spite of what we are dealing with, and I hope it is happy and as pain free as possible for everyone. If you want some smiles just head to You Tube and type in either of these and they might make you feel much happier. Take care

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  • As Winston Churchill said.....we are two nations divided by a single language!

    I've been going to & fro from the States since the 1960's & have had a lot of laughs with friends & relatives over the different meanings of words either side if The Pond (that's the North Atlantic to you!)

    Hope you & yours have a great Thanks Giving weekend......don't buy out Target or Walmart....leave something on the shelves for Christmas!!

    Happy Holidays!🌲🌲🌲


  • Ha ha - you too!

  • You should have a look at the Heathrow Christmas Advert. It is really cute.

    I think the main difference between our words come in the slang part of our language. All of it comes from the different dialects that each country has. They do say that our language is a living one, with plenty of scope for development.


  • You're right - that was really cute!

  • Yes - I find it hard to explain to those who are trying to learn English why the plural of hoof is hooves and roof is roofs among other things :-)

  • Sheep is sheeps

  • Ah yes isn't it strange?yes your right CaerylUSA

    There's bough,bow and bow -( as in used with an arrow)

    Then there's rough ( spelt like bough yet pronounced ruff)

    Confusing for anyone learning English.

    I picked up,a few US sayings in the 70s when I spent 7 months staying with family in New Jersey.

    Do you have the cica coke advert out there?The one with the convoy of lorries.To my mind Christmas has truly arrived when that comes on tv- I love that advert.

    But one of my favourites Was a John Lewis advert-I think it was last year .Elton John was singing Tiny Dancer and it advertised John Lewis home insurance.

    If you get a chance put it on utube - I thought it was brilliant,

    You may not have the same sense of humour as me but I loved it.

    I will take the opportunity of wishing you a. Very merry Christmas and a happy new year.

    Take care



  • And you Crusee! I love this time of year, even though my hubby and I just decided this year to get a smaller tree than the one we have that is 7 feet tall and weighs a ton. I'll have to look for the ad you are talking about. Take care and have a wonderful Christmas and happy new year!

  • Thank you.



  • We've gone down the smaller tree route and we're now thinking of getting our first ever fake tree.

    Then the other day I saw an article talking about 'replica' trees.

    Thats just a fake tree with a huge price tag. Think we can get smaller trees for the next few years for price of the 'replica' I've got my eye on.

    Wonderful Christmas and a happy healthy New Year to you too.

    My favourite advert is the Heathrow teddy bears 🐻

  • The Heathrow teddies are wonderful :-)

    I know what you mean about the replica trees. Of course they are the first ones I look at.... Then the price tag smacks me in the face.

    We decided to go ahead with our big one ~8 feet, for this year and then work on something different next year...

    You have a wonderful Christmas and happy, pain free new year too!

  • Yes we have big differences!! I used to work in advertising making films in London and I argued with the US about how bad and hard sell their ads were. Years ago now, decades actually. We have fun ads here which are their own art form. If you like our phrases then try rhyming slang! For instance, I am taking the cherry og to the rubadub for a pint of pigs ear and some rabbit and pork with the hot potater, I need to put on my tom foolery, my titfer, my nanny goat, my rhythms and my roundthehouses, my turtles on my germans as its taters outside and extra thick almond rocks on my plates. Comb the barnet, dab of powder on my boat and meet up with my old China!




  • HA HA HA - My reply Cat, will be pending numerous Google Urban Dictionary searches :-)

  • Okey Dokey Cat - Let me see if I translated this right - or at least close:

    I am taking the red bus (big guess here) to the pub for a pint of strong ale and some rabbit and pork with the hot potater, I need to put on my something silly, my hat, my coat, my blouse or top and my trousers, my gloves on my hands as its cold outside and extra thick socks on my feet . Comb the hair, dab of powder on my face and meet up with my old friend!

    How close am I??

  • What did he say? Ha!

  • Haven't heard yet :-)

  • Have said goodbye to my cousin earlier, they have been over from New Jersey and have been here just over a week and been flying round visiting relatives and site seeing with 2 of their grandsons. They have lived over there for 40 + years, they where from Maghul near Liverpool and she still has a scouse sense of humour, very dry and quick witted. We had a light up our town event today in Essex, the weather although cold was very sunny, the turnout was amazing. Have been been to the states, touring a few times and loved it. Xx

  • Thanks Gigi - I have never gotten to Britain, but always wanted to. I do love this country too though

  • And should have added and the people. I still email a lovely lady I met when we did a tour of north California, her and husband live in Florida. We have so much in common, health problems apart. Have a lovely Sunday.x

  • Thank you for the lift. By the way, you can download the Sainsbury's song! I quite like it. 🙂

    I went to the USA in May for the first time in over 10 years. I loved it. I found everyone so friendly, kind and helpful. The service was impeccable. I felt happy there.

  • I'm glad the service was good - That isn't always the way...

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